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Travel. Write. Repeat.

Miles Rote
January 8, 2019

Travel with Under30Experiences, write about the adventure on your blog or website, and get money off your next trip. Travel. Write. Repeat.

Travel and writing go together like organic peanut butter and unsweetened almond milk. 😋

We get it. We've published 500 articles in the last two years on our Millennial Travel Blog featuring stories about travel.

In fact, we're the first search result that appears when you google, 'top travel blog'. And we've been named the #1 Travel Blog for Millennials.😳

Why? It's simple: we publish content you actually want to read written by Millennials like you.

Write for our Millennial Travel Blog

Now it's your opportunity to write about travel and be rewarded for it. Travel. Write. Repeat.

After traveling with us, many people want to write about their experience...and we want to share it.

Thats' why most of our content comes directly from our Millennial Travel Community and experienced staff of veteran travelers. 

Join us. Not only do you get the opportunity to share your story, but once a month we're giving away $50 in Experience Credits so you can have even more travel experiences to write about. 

(Click here to learn more about Experience Credits.)

Here's everything you need to know about how to get published on our award-winning travel blog.

We'll be notifying the winner (chosen at random) in our newsletter and the author's email address.

Have your own blog?

If you've traveled with us before and have your own blog, you can write about the experience and get $50 in Experience Credits.

Get all the info right here

We can't wait to read your story.

Miles Rote
Miles is the founder of Wellness Gangsters & author of the Become Yourself Newsletter where readers get high-level tips & resources to go next level. He is also the marketing director for Under30Experiences, helping Millennials affordably experience the 🌎.

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