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Trip Recap: Portland to Acadia National Park

Jenne Nelson
January 16, 2024

Maine: You 'da bomb!

Last week, we spent 4 days exploring Portland, Maine and Acadia National Park with a small group of travelers.

We adventured by land and by sea...and didn't skimp out on the abundance of fresh seafood, either!

Keep reading to see what all we did on our Portland to Acadia trip:

At time of publishing, safety measures included: All travelers required to present a negative COVID test per Maine's state mandate, single occupancy tents, temperature checks at start of trip (reading of 100.4 or higher will result in removal from trip).

Explored Portland, Maine

Our small group of travelers met up in Portland, Maine and did a quick welcome meeting before setting out for dinner at Portland Lobster Co...their lobster roll was voted Best of Portland in 2019! The majority of our group had to give this infamous lobster roll a try...and it was DELISH!

After filling up on fresh seafood, we ended our evening with some drinks at a local outdoor bar before heading back to our hotel.

Hiked through Acadia National Park

The views on our hikes DID NOT DISAPPOINT...not that we thought they would, but the views definitely exceeded all of our expectations!

We started out with a bang and conquered Beehive Loop trail. We used the iron rungs, ladders, and handrails to help guide us to the top. The hike was a little challenging, but we all took our time and made it to the top. The work was definitely worth the reward.

After that, we brought our adrenaline back down a notch with a nice hike down the Ocean Path trail.

Caught the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain

Rise and shine! We woke up extra early and took a drive up to Cadillac Mountain to be one of the first people in the United States to feel that morning's sun on our face.

We sipped on coffee and tea that our awesome Trip Leader brewed for us as the sun rose in the sky. Once we finished watching the sun rise and drinking our warm drinks, we headed back to our campsite for some breakfast.

Took to the sea

Due to high winds, we weren't able to go out in individual kayaks as planned, but that didn't stop us!

We hopped on a larger boat and took a cruise along the coast and took in the breathtaking views of Acadia National Park by sea.

*Please note that our itineraries are subject to change...but don't worry, we always have a back-up plan!

We had an excellent time in Portland and Acadia National Park with our small group of travelers. If you would like to join us on a future trip, click here!

Jenne Nelson
Jenne is a nice human who likes other nice humans. She works with Under30Experiences in the Austin, TX office and is a big fan of traveling, fancy cheeses, and can recite the alphabet backwards.


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