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Local Guide

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Position: Local Guide

As a Under30Experiences Local Guide, your main role will be to facilitate unforgettable experiences for travelers.

You will have the unique opportunity to show people your country and region of the world, working alongside our North American Community Managers.  

Under30Experiences is seeking amazing personalities and strong leaders to lead our groups.

We are hiring Local Guides Worldwide

Locations: Costa Rica, Peru, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, Belize, Colombia, Galapagos, Patagonia, Thailand, France, Spain, Italy, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand.

We are collecting applications and hiring on a rolling basis, as needed.  If we don’t currently have availability, we want to remain in contact for the future.

Essential Qualifications:

-Experience working and developing rapport with a broad range of individuals and groups

-Experience living, traveling, or working abroad.  Our travelers are mainly North American; cultural knowledge about the United States and Canada is important.

-Experience leading groups

-Travel industry certification such as guide license

-Experience in leading a group of travelers

-Social media experience

-Bilingual fluency: English + Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, or other language

Other Skills:

-Leadership skills

-Passion for travel

-Excellent organizational skills

-Ability to communicate with people from varied backgrounds

-Ability to work independently and solve problems

-High energy levels in order to deliver successful trips

-Has a background in the history and culture of the area our trips visit.

What Under30Experiences Offers YOU:

-Opportunity to travel among your local country and within your region of the world.  Flights, transportation, accommodations, and 3 meals per day paid for by Under30Experiences.  Paid training and reimbursement for CPR + First Aid Certification.  

-Experiences and friendships of a lifetime. During your time with Under30Experiences you will find yourself building friendships while exploring the world’s most awesome places.

-Opportunity to develop leadership skills like decision-making, managing group dynamics, organization, and public speaking.

-Career advancement.

-Getting your writing published on our blog.

-Be part of our Community: At Under30Experiences we like to say: “Travel connects us. Community keeps us connected.”

-Remote work opportunities are available after seniority is earned.

-Opportunity to be selected to attend our annual company retreat.


-Know local knowledge, history, traditions, customs, culture, food, dance, etc.  Have knowledge about nature, geography, and outdoor activities that your country is famous for.  Be an ambassador and liaison for your region of the world.

-Help travelers understand not only what is beautiful about your country, but also what challenges local areas face, and what can be done to solve them.

-Be a friendly face to greet people at the airport, break the ice, help the group bond, and lead people out of their comfort zones.

-Act as the day-to-day leader of the group delivering high levels of customer service and traveler satisfaction.

-Manage reservations for accommodations, transportation, and activities as required.

-Maintain an expense report for each trip.

-Create digital media content for Under30Experiences like photos, videos, Instagram stories, etc.

-Respond to questions and customer service issues via email and Facebook.

Must have social media and people skills:

  • Social media experience 
  • Social skills, customer service experience, a bright smile, and the ability to lead groups with endless energy
  • Have an interest in personal development and becoming an all around badass
  • Has strong physical & emotional health and can handle 12 hour days & back-to-back trips
  • Remains calm and collected under unpredictable and stressful circumstances
  • Wants to be part of a work climate that encourages a healthy + optimized lifestyle

Must Not:

  • Accept this job because you think it will be conducive to partying or dating
  • Complain or ever get tired of being sent to amazing places
  • Have poor leadership skills, or fearful in unfamiliar foreign countries
  • Care if you sleep on a couch, have roommates, or iguanas living on your roof
  • Get sick often, eat like crap, and let the team down

Can handle the following:

  • Dealing with bad weather
  • Leading strenuous hikes and demanding physical activities
  • Mentally ready to lead others out of their comfort zone
  • Have the discipline to eat healthy and be an example other people want to follow

How To Apply:

Please submit your official application to work for Under30Experiences here.  You will be asked a series of questions, to highlight your experience, passions, skills, and any other relevant information, including language skills.

Please attach your CV or resume and 3 minute video cover letter highlighting why you’d be a great fit for Under30Experiences.

*The video cover letter can be as simple as the "selfie camera" on your phone. Our goal is to better understand why you'd like to get to know you better- not your ability to make a professional video.

Please send anything else you’d like to submit *after you fill out the application form* to

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