what it's like to work for u30x

Want to work for Under30Experiences?

The Under30Experiences Team is comprised of all-stars who’ve worked hard to build a career traveling the world.  Our #team seeks exemplary leaders who strive to constantly improve themselves and the people around them.

Our team consists of: incredible adventure tour guides, yoga teachers, web designers, fitness coaches, meditators, professional photographers, social media ninjas, bloggers, cinematographers, bookworms, life coaches, scuba divers, rock-climbers and bad-ass travelers!

Who would you want leading your life-changing experience of self discovery?

Under30Experiences is a vehicle for personal and professional growth, not only for our travelers, but for our staff.

Maybe Under30Experiences is not for you and that’s okay.  Here are a few things to know:

We’re a team, not a family When your brother gets drunk and passes out in the lawn, you still have to love him as part of your family.  Sorry, but if you do that at U30X, you won’t make the team.  Expect honest and straightforward feedback! 

Startup Culture:  We need to get sh*t done!  Everyone loves their own time to go hiking, surfing, or hit the gym, but executing comes first.  This is our version of “work hard, play hard." Keep in mind, because it's a startup culture, you may end up wearing several "hats."

Professionalism:  The travel industry is known for having a “drinking culture” and quite simply, that’s not us.  We aren’t strangers to a good fiesta, dancing, or indulging in local food and drink, but it’s more common that we’re up early to take on our next adventure.

Personal development:  We view travel as an opportunity to embark on our own hero’s journey.  We look for people hungry to learn about themselves and the world.  Under30Experiences staff are seen as role models who can perform at their peak. Expect to read books and eat healthy.

Embrace the lifestyle:  Want to create a life based on travel, adventure, and living differently?  It takes discipline, accountability, sacrifice, and the ability to problem solve.  At Under30Experiences you’ll be given great freedom and great responsibility - it isn’t a vacation.

Community Centered:  At U30X your job will be to serve our community of travelers and the communities we travel to.  Be ready to impact the lives of those around you.  Diversity & Empathy:  We pride ourselves on respecting all people from all backgrounds and cultures - both on our team and in our community. We approach each person with empathy and kindness, seeking to learn from them first instead of inserting our own opinions. All people are welcome in our community. 

Impact & Sustainability:  U30X strives to make a lasting impact on people while being acutely aware of our environmental impact. This means using reusable water bottles, heightening awareness of our travelers to environmental issues, and supporting local businesses and communities. 

Forget everything you know:  Under30Experiences is looking for open minded people with experience, who are willing to learn our innovative style, while still embracing individuality.  This is a highly collaborative team environment where you will be asked to both give and receive feedback, no matter how much it hurts.