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"I don't think I would have learned, seen or experienced half of the things I did on both of those trips if it wasn't for U30X."
- Sarah Bigle

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Los Angeles
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Sarah Bigle

I was born & raised in Paris, France but have lived most of my life in Los Angeles. I am currently working at a Marketing Agency and run social for Amazon Studios. I'd like to keep on connecting with fellow travelers in the so-cal and spread the awesome U30X word! Traveling IS addicting and what a wonderful drug it is! Let's get those passport pages filled shall we?

I went on the Rainforest Costa Rica trip, as well as the Explore Peru & Machu Picchu trips. Both were truly an amazing and unique experience. Costa Rica felt both "adventurous" and "vacation-like" all at the same time. Spending almost a week in Peru was life-changing. I truly felt outside of the US, in a *foreign country*, if that makes sense? I can confidently say that I truly got a great feel for this colorful country during my stay.

Now, I'm just dying to book the next trip. Eye-ing Thailand, Indonesia and Colombia. What will it be?

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