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"To this day, I keep in touch with everyone from my group. Truly, friends for life. This is only a glimpse of what someone can gain from going on an U30X trip and I love that."
-Crystal Williams

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Crystal Williams

People who know me well know I am an avid world traveler and I thoroughly enjoy the richness in life gained when experiencing new cultures. I have always had a keen desire to see what's beyond me, my city, my state, and my country.

I have a very strong passion for people. I love to make new friends and hear their story and discover what has made them the people they are today. I make it a point in my life to somehow have a positive impact on someone's life everyday that I walk this Earth. That is why I am here today as a Community Manager for this AMAZING company called U30Experiences. I fully believe in everything they represent and I love what they do for people.

My life was changed by U30X and I want to help other people experience this as well so that they may walk away a much happier person having developed unique bonds with people from all over who share in the same passion they do, traveling.