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Personal Development with U30X

Living a great life is more than travel...

Live the Life YOU Want

-Yoga + Fitness Retreats
-Wellness Articles on our blog
-A Strong Community
-Live Different Podcast
-Wellness programs for employees

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Yoga + Fitness Retreats

We host Yoga and fitness retreats across the globe where we incorporate more concentrated elements of physical and mental wellbeing into our already amazing adventure experiences.

More than just going on amazing trips, we’re about the EXPERIENCE. Of course, everyone wants that epic travel photo for Instagram (which there’s plenty of opportunity for), but we really encourage our travelers to put the cameras away and be present.

Travel encourages experience, and experience encourages growth. We’re here to help you grow.

Wellness Articles on our blog

Wellness is a priority at U30X which is why we have an entire blog category dedicated to it. We want to make sure information on personal development is accessible to our community.

The U30X Blog was named 15 of the top 100 millennial blogs and features pieces by health experts, fitness trainers, yogis, mindful travelers, and other amazing people from our community.

Covering everything from mindfulness and meditation, to healthy eating in airports, to wellness packing guides, we provide resources to help you become the best version of yourself.

A Strong Community

Whether you have joined us on a trip or are looking for a group of like-minded people, we welcome you to our travel community.

We host regular local meetups where you can find out more about our trips, share your travel experiences with fellow travelers, or just hang out with people that are striving to get more out of life.

Once you join us on a trip, you’ll have access to our private alumni group with discounts, insider info, travel hacks, and more. We even have a Facebook group dedicated to those especially interested in personal development and all things health + wellness.

Live Different Podcast

Hosted by Under30Experiences Co-Founder Matt Wilson, the Live Different Podcast is a compilation of inspiring conversations about cutting edge mental and physical strategies  to help you live beyond the status quo.

This podcast will motivate you to grow your business, get in better shape, perform at your peak, and most importantly - have more fun.

Wellness Programs

Under30Experiences doesn't just take care of our alumni, we take care of team too.

With free yoga, trips to farmer's markets, outdoor adventures, group workouts, and personal development round tables, we always make sure our employees have the best resources available to continue becoming their best selves.

At U30X we believe that in order to lead others, you must first lead yourself.  
Interested in joining our team of inspiring humans?  Check out our travel job openings, if you are ready to lead the next generation of young people.

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