Pacific Coast Highway

Day 1

Welcome to California


  • Meet up with your group at the designated meeting point in San Francisco at 8:00 am. After a quick intro to your new friends and going over the plan for the upcoming week, it’s time to hit the Pacific Coast Highway!


  • The first stop of your California journey will be in Monterey, California as you keep an eye out for playful sea otters catching the waves in the surf.
  • Enjoy an optional whale watching tour, a visit to the Monterey Aquarium, or a hike along the coastal trail and exploring Monterey before returning to the road towards your first destination...Big Sur! 


  • Arrive in the Big Sur region and visit the famous Bixby Creek Bridge.
  • Set up your first camp, enjoy dinner, and sleep surrounded by giant Redwood trees.

Day 2

Big Sur


  • Wake up to the sound of birds chirping as you sip on a warm cup of coffee and eat a hearty camp breakfast.
  • Embark on a short walk to McWay Falls, a picturesque waterfall that descends onto a remote beach.


  • After lunch, go for a hike with your new friends in Pfeifer Big Sur State Park and find yourself feeling rather small amongst the Redwood trees. 


  • Spend the rest of your afternoon and evening relaxing on a secluded beach along the rugged coastline.
  • Return to camp for another group dinner at your campsite and fall asleep under the stars.

Day 3

San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara


  • It’s time to get back on the road! After a camp breakfast, it’s time to continue south down the Pacific Coast Highway.
  • Make a pit stop at an Elephant Seal Rookery and marvel at the giant seals basking in the sun along the beach.


  • Arrive in San Luis Obispo in time for lunch, followed by some free time to explore this new city.
  • Don’t miss a walk down the ‘Bubblegum Alley’ for some great photo ops.


  • Finish off your day with a drive to Santa Barbara and enjoy an optional wine tasting, choose to relax on the beach, or set out on foot to explore Santa Barbara.
  • Settle into your new home away from home as you set up your campsite for another night in nature. 
  • Recap your day over dinner and enjoy the night sky before cozying into your tent for the evening.

Day 4

Santa Cruz Island


  • Fuel up on breakfast at camp, then it’s time to seize the day!
  • Head out to Ventura to catch your ferry out to Santa Cruz Island, one of the several islands that make up the Channel Islands National Park. 
  • Keep your eyes on the water as it’s possible to spot some dolphins on your way to Prisoners Harbor on Santa Cruz Island!


  • This island doesn’t get too crowded, so spend your afternoon hiking one of the numerous trails away from any crowds. 
  • Follow up your hike with some relaxation on the beach before returning to the ferry to return to Ventura.


  • Return to camp for your final night of camping.
  • Savor your final dinner with your new group of friends as you look back on your California journey thus far.

Day 5

Santa Monica, Venice Beach, & Departure


  • Bid your campsite farewell and begin the final leg of your Pacific Coast Highway adventure.
  • Make a pit stop in Santa Barbara to stretch your legs and to get a little fresh air on your face. 


  • Arrive in Santa Monica in time for lunch and enjoy some free time to explore this new area.
  • Make your way to Venice Beach and enjoy one last beach visit before saying goodbye to your new group of friends. 
  • Extending your stay in the Las Angeles area? Be sure to ask your Trip Leader for suggestions of things to do.
  • If flying, be sure to book a flight departing Los Angeles International Airport after 8:00 pm.

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