10 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica & Rancho Margot On Your Next Trip

Cesar Romero
January 16, 2024

Why You Need to Visit Costa Rica

In 2002, Juan Sostheim had a small heart attack that turned into a wake-up call to change his lifestyle. Juan always knew he wanted to have a certain type of life by living from the land and when traveling to Costa Rica about 10 years ago he fell in love with what the country has to offer... specifically 400 acres of land around the El Castillo region that is now known as Rancho Margot.

Now, Rancho Margo is a famous eco-resort that boasts remarkable views and

It is set in the stunning jungle of Costa Rica, the number 1 ranked country in the world for happiness.

If that isn't enough, here are 10 reasons you need to visit Costa Rica and travel with us to Rancho Margot.

1. Practice Yoga Everyday Completely Submerged in Nature 

under30experiences Yoga in Costa Rica
This view sure beats a yoga studio...

The main goal of yoga is to transform your body and mind while expanding your own consciousness. At Rancho

2. Take A Guided Tour Of Rancho Margot

400 acres of sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Wondering how Rancho Margot came about and what is its purpose? Take the tour and prepare to be amazed.


3. Kayak in Lake Arenal

under30experiences kayak lake arenal

Kayak toward the Arenal Volcano while exploring the abundance of life living within the many inlets you pass on the way.

Lake Arenal sits at the base of the Arenal Volcano in the northern highlands of Costa Rica. It is the country’s largest landlocked body of water, with a surface that covers nearly 33 square miles (85 square km) and a depth that reaches some 200 feet (60 m). It was enlarged to its present size as a part of a 1979 hydroelectric project by the Costa Rican government to provide electricity to the country.

4. Hike Around Arenal Volcano National Park

under30experiences arenal volcano

A major tourist attraction in Costa Rica, Arenal Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Central America that entered

5. Horseback Riding Adventure

travel to costa rica and ride on horseback
Looks too good to be true, doesn't it...

Enjoy a ride through Lake Arenal, Mirador Viewpoint, and El Castillo town experiencing the views of the rainforest, a volcano, and the most impressive flora, fauna, birds and terrain that Costa Rica has to offer!


6. Learn About Rancho Margot’s Self-Sufficiency And Sustainability Practices

under30experiences sustainability eco-tourism
tree with roots bigger than you.400 Year old

What makes a community sustainable and self-sufficient? Learn all about it at Rancho Margot and how you can apply the same principles when you return home!

7. Zip Line Through The Costa Rican Rainforest

under30experiences zipline costa rica
This looks cool and it is actually cooler than it looks.

Experience the rainforest from a bird’s-eye view, admiring the


8. Meditation And Introspection

under30experiences yoga in costa rica

Rancho Margot is an ideal location to meditate and do some introspection. Take a walk, sit under a tree to read a book or write


9. Participate in The Volunteer Work Exchange Program

Learn everything about sustainable living and what it truly means to build a sustainable community. Become more in tuned with nature, and be inspired to treat your surrounding and others with respect. Participate in activities

10. Take a Pottery Class

Explore your creative side learning how to make clay-based ceramic art. Rancho Margot’s in-house potter will show you how to quickly create a ceramic pot using all natural materials and a potter’s wheel.

There you have it...

Our 10 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica and Stay at Rancho Margot on Your Next Trip.  

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Cesar Romero
Cesar is the U30X Community Manager and is an Experience Instigator.  When he's not on awesome trips, he's hanging in Costa Rica eating casado and reading life-changing books.


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