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12 Blogs You Should Already be Following

Eric Aguirre
January 8, 2019

Our community is doing some incredible work in the world and you can see a lot of it online. Check out these 12 blogs you should already be following...

These topics range from how to cook a delicious meal, to how to land the job you want.

Here they are...

1. The Social Girl Traveler


Jen Morilla writes about the tales of a solo female traveler.

Recommended posts:

Becoming A Travel Blogger Helped Me Cope With My Brother's Death

7 Things I Would Have Told My 20 Year Old Self

2. Sauvignon Blue

Kristen Kembel writes about all things decor, fashion and travel.

Recommended posts:

Costa Rica, Aren't You Pretty

Go-For-It Motivation

3. Strictly Good Energy


Steve Kane's blog is “A lifestyle movement rooted in love, individuality and self-expression.”

Recommended posts:

The Smartest Man in the Room


4. Wellness Gangsters

Lean the skills to master your Self and become a better version of you.

Recommended posts:

Right To Be Wrong

Be Fly

5. Idea Lemon


Martin McGovern & Rajiv Nathan have helpful tips to "Get The Job You Want" with Personal Brand Life Coaches

Recommended Posts:

My Break-up Letter to Normal. Signed, Weird.

4 Must-Have Resources For Your Growth

6. The Adventure Book Club

Lisa DeLosso runs a “Fun, free social opportunity for people who love to read outdoor, travel, and adventure-based fiction and nonfiction books.”

Recommended post:

Join their meetup group: Adventure Book Club

7. Life After Grad


Alexander Tracy's blog is “Helping Millenials understand their money, where its going, and how to make it work for you.”

Recommended Posts:

Finance and... Food?

8. A Savory Plate


Alexandra Segal's blog is “A cooking blog dedicated to all things tasty and savory.”

Recommended posts:

Easy Shrimp Fajitas

Vanilla Crêpes with Warm Berry Compote

9. Jessica Malnik


Jessica is an "Online Community Builder and Content Creator".

Recommended Posts:

12 Lessons Learned From My First Three Months as a Remote Community Manager

75+ Useful Tools For Community Managers and Content Marketers Under $100

10. Thatdmanne


Anne Desrosiers' blog is all about “My life your entertainment”

Recommended Posts:

A Poem: To the Future of Tomorrow

The Development of the Single-Persona, and the Audacity of Hope

11. Athena Flying Solo


Follow Athena Lim's adventures on her blog.

Recommended Posts:

Buenos Nachos…

Crushed it.

12. Cesar Romero


Cesar Romero is a “Community Builder. Connector of ideas, people, and experiences.” Check out his writing on his medium page.

Recommended posts:

8 Rewards Your Job Should Offer in 2016

Everybody Is Running Away

Eric Aguirre
I'm Eric, I aim to inspire and lead fellow and future thought-provoking leaders around the world. I love geeking out on Personal Development and strive to make myself and the world around me a better place. You can find my published books and articles at

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