7 Travel Snapchatters You Need To Be Following

Jen Morilla
January 16, 2024

If you aren’t on Snapchat you’re missing out! 

Yes, even with the most recent social media changes to Instagram (Instagram Stories), Snapchat is still the one that started it all. Snapchat has turned into a branding and marketers dream and if you’re smart enough to learn how to use it correctly you’ll be one of the talented few who are killing it right now.

Want to learn how to kill it on Snapchat? Well, my best advice is to follow the BEST and take notes. 

WARNING: All these Snappers might influence quitting your job to travel the world.
Please proceed with caution.


1. DrewBinsky

I refer to him as the 'Snapping God'. I know, bold statement, but it's true. Drew is a red head from Arizona who's been traveling the world and has created a TV Show from snapping.

Want to learn how to engage, interact and create quality branding? He's your guy. He also uses Snapchat to connect with this followers. It's the best way to reach him! 


2. DanandMoore

Creativity at its finest. Dan Moore, is a well known Australian Youtuber. 

He can take the award for pretty cool or "snazzy" (as he refers to it) snaps. Dan has a unique style of sharing great content, products, and giveaways on his snaps. He truly pushes the limits of snapping.


3. Gloria Atanmo (@gl0) 

Girl Power to this young lady here! Gloria is a female travel blogger from Arizona. If you’re in need for some a great sense of humor in your day, follow Gloria. She is the definition of 'real'.


4. TysonTravel

The adventure snapper! Tyson is a travel blogger and awesome YouTuber from Australia who travels the world in search of adventure. He is always creating some epic adventure videos or snapping his Skydiving stunts from Australia.  

If you're looking to fill your day with excitement or a reason to quit your job and travel the world, Tyson is your man. (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!) 


5. MyLifesAMovie.c

Alyssa Ramos is another female travel blogger from California! She's a hilarious snapper who isn't afraid to share with her audience her sarcasm and personality. Alyssa has always got something to say. 

Plus, she's always sharing travel secrets on her snaps. Everything from favorite travel products to how to pack for 3 months with carry-on luggage!


6. nadia_dailyself

Nadia is travel/lifestyle writer and make-up artist from Ireland. She always looks her best and is never afraid to share her opinions either. 

She's also always sharing beauty tips, and travel secrets when she's traveling the world.


7. MitchellOates

Another Aussie who pushes the limits of social media. Mitch made his very first debut on Periscope when he was the FIRST person to surf while periscoping in Australia. From there he's done tons of underwater and drone scopes too. Catch him on snapchat for some goofy laughs and amazing sunset views.


Last but certainly not least...

Bonus: Under30Experiences

Of course, I have to give us a shout out as we are traveling the world and always on Snapchat! If it isn't our CEO traveling Bali or scouting new locations it's one of our awesome staffers or myself taking over! Never a dull moment. Promise.

Jen Morilla
Jen is a travel blogger and founder of, The Social Girl Traveler. She quit her New York City corporate job in February of 2015 for a budget and backpack and hasn’t looked back since. She aims to travel with a purpose and inspire people to do the same! Jen travels with clean water filters in backpack. She’s been to 33 countries on 6 continents and isn’t stopping anytime soon!


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