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Black Friday 2018: Top 5 Travel Gifts

Lindsey Dukes
January 16, 2024

If you've stumbled upon this article, you're likely already thinking about holiday gifts and are scoping out upcoming Black Friday deals.

First of all, congrats – you're light years ahead of the masses, and no doubt a favorite amongst your family and friends.

Perhaps you’ve already bought for the most people in your circle, but you’re still unsure of what to get your favorite traveler. Worry not! One of these five awesome travel gifts will certainly secure your title as "Best Gift Giver of All Time".

1. Inflatable Travel Pillow

This pillow has been my saving grace on those long flights across the globe to places like Bali & Thailand. I own four different neck pillows, but none of them seem to keep me from falling face first into the chair in front of me, or accidentally snuggling up to my neighbor.

Of course, I get some curious stares as I'm inflating this crazy looking thing, but I'd rather have those few awkward moments over having to wipe my drool from a stranger's shoulder. You know what kind of looks I get after it's inflated and people figure out what it is? Jealous ones. Especially once they see how versatile it is!

Simply stated, this pillow is THE BEST! Gift it with an eye mask and some ear plugs, and your favorite traveler will love you forever.

2. Smart Backpack

This anti-theft backpack has special compartments for a laptop, tablet, phone AND camera and plenty of space for whatever else you may be traveling with. The zipper is located on the side that rests against your back, which makes it near impossible for anything to be stolen if you're wearing it in a crowded area.

Oh, did I mention it also has USB charging functionality? The fact that it's waterproof is just icing on the cake.

If you're looking to get a backpack for your traveling friend, this is the one!

3. Sleep Headphones

Anyone else find their ears throbbing after falling asleep with traditional over the head or in ear headphones on? I've got your remedy: Sleep headphones .

Not only have these been a game changer for me during long haul flights, they've also helped me get incredible sleep while camping! Sleep headphones are so great, that you may want to go ahead and grab a pair for yourself while you're at it. (Do it. You won’t regret it. You’re welcome in advance.)

4. Portable Charger

Fact: every traveler needs a portable charger. Your traveling friend likely already has one, but they need THIS one.

With built-in lightning cables, this power bank charges TWICE as fast as the iPhone original charger with original cable. It's also super compact, and holds a charge for days on end! If the traveler in your life likes to get off the grid and likes to keep their phone charged, this is the portable charger for them.

5. Travel

Give the gift of travel!

At companies like Under30Experiences, you can purchase gift cards (a.k.a. "Experience Credits") and give them to a friend to help them pay for a trip. Travel gadgets are great, but nothing is better than actually helping someone have a life changing experience!

Happy holidays, and happy shopping!

Lindsey Dukes
Lindsey loves helping people become the best versions of themselves through her work as a fitness coach, and a U30X marketing ninjaette & occasional trip leader. She loves travel, adventure, music, deep chats, people, and all things yoga, fitness, nutrition, and human optimization.


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