Celebrating the Mothers of Under30Experiences

Rebecca Formoso
January 16, 2024

Rebecca Formoso, Philippines

What is her favorite thing to do?

  • My mum loves to swim. It’s all she does 24/7. If we go to the beach, she’ll be in the ocean all day, and if not, she’ll be in a pool doing laps. 

If your mom was a movie character, who would she be?

  • Have you seen Bridget Jones Diary? Well, Bridget always reminded me of my mum. Such a light spirit, always laughing at herself and smiling. 

What makes you proud of your mom?

  • I am so proud of the woman she was and has become. It’s so nice to see and be with her as she goes through the different stages of life. She has so much strength and grace. Love you mum! 

What do you call your mother and how do you say mother in your local language?

  • I call her mum, and since English and Tagalog are both used in the Philippines, we would say "mother" or "nanay". 

Tim Gillespie, Thailand

What is her favorite thing to do?

  • Walking.  Especially in the early mornings when the neighborhood is quiet and she can catch the sunrise coming up over the town lakes.  Raising 4 boys (5 if you count my Dad), these morning walks are her best therapy.

What did you learn from your mom?

  • She taught me that if someone cooks you dinner, it’s your responsibility to clean the dishes. It was her way of teaching us that everyone works together and gives back to those who give to you.

What is the best memory you have with your mom?

  • After living abroad in Thailand for several years, towards the end of one of my parents' visits, my Mom and I had a special moment when she spoke to me and said “I get it.  I see the life you live here and I’m so proud of you.  As much as I want you home, nearer to us, I realize now that your home is here.”

What do you call your mother and how do you say mother in your local language?

  • Our native language is English, so we say Ma, Mom, Mommy, and Mother.  I’ve always had a special way of saying “mother” with a slow, extended, raising voice: 

“ M - O - T - H - E - R”. In Thailand, where I live, แม่ (Mæ̀) is how you say 'mother' in the local language.

Marion Bres, France

What was the last vacation you went to with your mom?

  • October 2019. I took my mom for a short trip to Rome and Florence in Italy. My mom had never been there before and she really wanted to see Florence. I organized everything for her and we had the best time (and a lot of pasta, too!).

What does your mom do when you’re not around?

  • My mom does a ton of activities and does not like to stay home for very long. She goes to the gym, takes Russian classes, English classes, sings in a choir, visits her friends every week, and also does a lot of shopping! Haha 

What did you learn from your mom?

  • How to be independent! 

What makes your mom happy?

  • Being with her children and drinking a shot of vodka with some delicious salmon ;) 

How do you say mother in your local language?

  • The french word for mother is "mère".

To all the moms out there, Happy Mother's Day!

Rebecca Formoso
Rebecca is a U30X trip leader in Europe and Asia. She grew up in the Philippines and has been living in Spain since 2012. She loves to play sports, take pictures, and go on new adventures.


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