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Deconstructing Meditation: Improve Performance + Build Relationships w/Robert James Collier of Practical Idealist

Eric Aguirre
October 1, 2019

Our Guest

Robert James Collier is the founder of Practical Idealist, a blog full of practical ideas designed to achieve worthy ideals like traveling the world while working full time.

He is also the founder of Entrepreneurs Dinner who’s mission is to flip traditional networking on its head.

Entrepreneurs Dinner is founded on the premise of prioritizing:

  1. High character over high net worth
  2. Giving over getting
  3. The importance of your environment

Check out this amazing video from the last Entrepreneurs Dinner:


The Episode

In today’s episode we chat about gaining more mental energy to be able to handle yourself better in all aspects of your life.

Learn about the best gift that you can provide for another person, and the only thing that will live beyond you. -- Hint: it’s not your money or your business.

Robert chats about how meditation has changed his life in countless areas like increasing mental capacity, observing emotions, and unlocking all the doors to his mind. Ultimately, he provides a no BS explanation for how meditation can change your life for the better.

Topics covered

  • The value of mastermind groups
  • The importance of your environment
  • How your intuition can be a guiding force
  • Becoming naturally inquisitive and learning to listen
  • How to ask the right questions to get people to light up
  • Creating a soothing influence on others
  • A simple and no BS approach to understanding and defining Meditation
  • Vipassana Meditation
  • The rejuvenating effect of travel


“When you have a connection with someone, and it’s a genuine connection, you want to help them”

“If I can remain true to giving first, then it’s going to be successful regardless”

“Get out of the building. Don’t just sit around and talk about your business ideas, go out there and try to sell it to someone on the street”

“Prioritize high character, over high net worth”

“Curate the type of people you allow into your life. Make sure that the type of people you invest time into and you are around are good human beings. Make sure they challenge you and you can learn from them.”

“The process of listening begins with being present and ensuring your mind is clear and free from distractions outside of the person to whom you’re speaking with”

“Meditation is the best gift I’ve received in my life along with good health and a great family”

“On average if you practice meditation for 7 years, you’re on average, 10 years younger than your counterparts who don’t practice meditation”

“Meditation helps with the idea of observing emotions, ideas, and responses in your head and rather than being attached to them and swimming in them it’s detaching from them”

"The quality of our presence is the element with the most positive contribution to the world," -Thich Nhat Hanh

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