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Do Something with Your Voice featuring Daniel DiPiazza from Rich20Something

Eric Aguirre
January 16, 2024

Our Guest

Three-peat Live Different Podcast guest Daniel DiPiazza joins us again for a fun chat about topics ranging from brain health, to becoming a best-selling author.

On his previous appearances on the podcast we discuss how to keep obsessions in check and how to overcome self doubt.

This week, he joins us as a bestselling author after hitting the #11 spot on the New York Times’ Bestseller List. Dan’s recent book, Rich20Something, is the only book you need to blaze your own path to an epic career and start getting the most out of your life now.

If you haven’t heard of Dan, he’s the founder of and his recent book has received hundreds of five star reviews. The book is topping the charts in the innovation, startup, and business skills categories.

Dan has also created online courses, consulted 6-7 figure businesses on marketing strategy, taught young ambitious people how to start their own freelance businesses, and also acquired Under30CEO.

The Episode

We talk about my latest exploration in optimal brain wave states, meditation, and neurofeedback.  

I go on a rant about eating enough fats & veganism, and Daniel talks about the high price of living in Los Angeles, why he decided to drive a Mercedes Benz, and why he wants to move to Barcelona.

Daniel drops some sage knowledge from Alan Watts and how to be comfortable with who you are versus doing things simply because you want to be better than other people. Do things for you and nobody else.

We also talk about how it’s way better to have a small group of dedicated customers instead of a big following on social media.

Topics Covered

  • Tracking brain performance
  • How to begin training your focus
  • Why it’s okay to pursue your selfish interests
  • The upsides and downsides of competition
  • Why the only competition that matters is the one with yourself
  • The upsides and downsides of gentrification
  • Thailand with Under30Experiences
  • Why growing internally is more powerful
  • The power of podcasting
  • Book sale strategies from a NY Times best selling author

Quotes from the Episode

“Everyone should be exploring different areas of life, culture, and business that really interest you outside of what someone pays you to do at work”
“It’s okay to go out and do things that are different from what puts the food on the table”
“There’s nothing that you can do that doesn’t have a selfish motive”
“Do something with your voice”
“The real benefit of putting a piece of work out there isn’t the actual work itself but its the feedback you get from the work”


Rich20Something Book

Peak Brain Institute

The Wisdom of Insecurity

Listen in Now, and do something with your voice!

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