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Do The Thing: Lose Weight, Unleash Mental Capabilities, and Have More Fun with Zen Dude Fitness

Eric Aguirre
January 16, 2024

The Guests

Our guests this week are Dan Witmer and Brandon Epstein, better known as the Zen Dudes. Dan and Brandon are two regular guys who travel around the world teaching people how to jump rope via videos on YouTube.

They created Zen Dude Fitness because they lost 130 pounds collectively after years of struggling to do so. They accomplished the feat with a jump rope and with the world as their gym.

The “Zen Dude” aspect of their company is centered on traveling, exploring, breaking through barriers, and living a more fulfilled life.

Brandon and Dan are on the conquest of finding the most pleasurable way to live life while being able to help as many people as possible.

The Episode

The Zen Dudes are fresh off their retreat to Costa Rica and are here to raise this planet’s collective consciousness.

These guys want you to have more fun and live the life you want. Lucky for you, they explain how to do it in this week’s episode of the Live Different Podcast.

Their tag line “do the thing” means that you have permission to ask yourself “what’s my vision for myself” and go out there and make it happen.

Brandon and Dan were former college football lineman who lost a ton of weight and along the way, optimized their mental and spiritual health to levels they never could have imagined.

Who do you want to be?

In this episode we talk about their trip with Custom Experiences to Costa Rica, their upcoming Zen Dude Retreat to Bali, how they grew their YouTube channel to over 100,000 subscribers, and a ton of other strategies and tactics to live your best life.

You can get their 7 Day Beginner Jump Rope Series, their 4 week Jump Rope Challenge, or nerd our about how to increase mitochondrial function using a whole body vibration plate or jumping rope.

Go out there and get on your conquest today!!

Topics Covered

  • Costa Rica, Under30Experiences, & Custom Experiences
  • Who are the Zen Dudes and what is the lifestyle all about
  • How they started off on the conquest to finding the most pleasurable way to live
  • What the Zen Dudes teach through their philosophy
  • How do you start to live a healthy life in both mind and body?
  • The three things that the Zen Dudes believe lead to the greatest amount of health and happiness
  • Fundamental action steps to get started on your goals through reverse engineering
  • How the Zen Dudes have grown their presence online
  • How to begin jumping rope effectively
  • How to live the Zen Dude Fitness lifestyle

Quotes from the Episode

“We want to raise the collective consciousness and happiness of the world”
“If you don’t have your behavior and your mind under control, you won’t be able to live as optimal of a life as you can”
“Meet people where they are, by giving people what they really need, through the stuff that they think they want”
“Go give that gift that you’ve discovered and you’re going to find a tribe that starts to form around you.”
“Find your focus and go all in”
“Be patient with yourself and play the long game”
“Chase that ultimate human experience for yourself”


Custom Experiences to Costa Rica

Zen Dude Retreat to Bali

How they grew their YouTube channel

7 Day Beginner Jump Rope Series

4 week Jump Rope Challenge

How to increase mitochondrial function

Listen in Now, find your focus, and go all in!

You can get this episode directly to your iPhone on iTunes, your Android on Stitcher, or on Soundcloud.

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