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Establish Your Self Awareness and Mindful Identity with Amanda Goolsby

Hannah Pinkerton
January 16, 2024

The Guest

Amanda Goolsby is an executive coach, business consultant, fitness professional and world traveler. She was one of the original staff at the fitness brand Orange Theory, the fastest growing franchise in history. 

After growing with Orange Theory for 5.5 years, going from overseeing one million dollars in revenue to over twenty million in revenue, she has started a new chapter of her life helping driven high achieving leaders reach aligned success through coaching.

The Episode

Our episode this week is all about figuring out who you are and what’s important to you. Amanda experienced an amazing journey from a debilitating accident, to selling drugs, to a spontaneous move from Portland to Phoenix, to working her way up the ladder running an extremely popular fitness business and finally starting her own coaching business a few months ago.

We discuss how her trips to Costa Rica and Malawi were a huge turning point for her, and how travel has continued to be important to her over the years. She also shares some of her biohacking tricks to prevent jet lag on long international journeys.

Amanda details her journaling practices to separate identity from ego, and her end of year reflection exercises. She discusses how getting to know herself has taught her how to avoid burnout by balancing relaxation, breaks, hard work, and fitness.

Topics Covered

  • The role of heart rate in working out
  • Realizations working in the fitness industry
  • How to incorporate rest and recovery for overall health
  • Amanda’s biohacking experiences to beat jet lag
  • Her story about the challenges of a devastating injury
  • Factors that influence identity
  • What you can learn about yourself by detaching your ego from your identity
  • Journaling suggestions and affirmations
  • How to adopt influential habits and routines

Quotes From The Episode

“I play full out during my working day and if I continue to play full out during that high intensity exercise, I’m not giving my body what it needs.”
“So many type A personalities often get tricked into thinking we need to go and go all out, especially entrepreneur types. That rest and recovery is never allotted for and people burn themselves out.”
“Be there and be your best self.”
“To me, energy is more important than intelligence. If you don’t have energy, you don’t have anything.”
“I realized that the horrible decisions I’ve made since the day the accident happened, happened because the day that the accident happened was the day I quit loving myself.”
“I think that so often we put our identity and who we are into the wrong places. A lot of people place their identity in their possessions. Other people put their identity in their work or what they do. They are all wrapped around something that can be taken away.”
“In anything that I do, I need to be really mindful about where I’m placing my identity in this world.”
“If for some reason I fail completely, I am not a failure.”
“Is this it? Is this what I really truly want in my life? It might be success to someone but this is not success to me.”
“Purely by being a human I have value in the world.”
“Become more aware of what you are connecting your identity to.”
“Everything comes down to habits and routines. Create consistent habits and routines.”
“I grew up in welfare in a trailer park in the US. I would be the richest kid in school had I grown up in Malawi.”


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Hannah Pinkerton
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