Exciting Changes to Our New Zealand Itinerary in 2020

Eric Aguirre
January 16, 2024

In 2018, Under30Experiences launched our #1 requested trip to New Zealand. We ran 5 inaugural trips in this location and sent dozens of happy travelers to the adventure capital of the world. 

After running these first few trips, we gathered feedback from our travelers on what they loved most about their trip to New Zealand and what they could’ve done without.

In response, we decided to make some updates to the itinerary and expand on the best parts of the trip.

Today, we’re proud (and far too excited) to relaunch a new and improved trip to New Zealand!

Here’s what we’ve improved:

We’ve added a Via Ferrata waterfall climb
  • Last year, the big adrenaline-inducing activity we included was white water rafting. However, the water levels in New Zealand vary significantly and this would affect the experience our travelers had. 
  • We’re all about exciting activities that you’d be hard-pressed to find on Google. So, in exchange for rafting, we decided to include a Via Ferrata Waterfall climb. 
  • For those of you who don’t know what Via Ferrata is, it’s a protected climbing route which literally translates into “Iron Path”. 
  • This climb is one of the highest waterfalls climbs on the planet...and best of all, no climbing experience is necessary!
More time in the town of Wanaka
  • We received so much positive feedback about Wanaka that we decided to add 2 more nights(bringing the grand total up to 3 nights!) in this beautiful little town in order to really maximize everything that it has to offer. 
  • One of the highlights of our trip is the private “glamping” experience we offer, settled on a New Zealand farm far away from the tourists and crowds. The surrounding landscapes of Wanaka are, unmistakably, what makes this experience so special. 
  • Wanaka is well known for being perfectly situated amongst the Southern Alps. It’s proximity to national parks, glaciers, and lakes make it the ideal base for outdoor adventures. Locals sometimes favor Wanaka over it’s more popular cousin, Queenstown, but since you’ll be visiting both, you’ll be free to decide for yourself!
  • Oh and don’t worry, we won’t be staying in a tent (albeit, a fancy schmancy tent!) the entire time. After our one night of glamping, we’ll spend the remainder of our time in Wanaka sleeping comfortably at a boutique hotel just steps away from the town center. 
More time in Queenstown
  • This year, we decided to end the trip in Queenstown (instead of Christchurch), the adventure capital of New Zealand, to squeeze in even more adrenaline-pumping opportunities!
  • Queenstown is renowned for adventure sports, vineyards, bungee jumping, jet boating, sky diving, and so much more (seriously...the list goes on and on!). 
  • By ending the trip in Queenstown, were also allowing travelers to extend their stay in one of the most popular locations in New Zealand. 
  • Worried about booking flights now that the trip does not begin and end in the same location? Fear not!  You can still book an international round-trip flight from your home city to Christchurch, and then book a cheap one-way flight from Queenstown to Christchurch instead of driving the whopping 6+ hour drive all the way back up to Christchurch. 
Bonus perk of ending the trip in Queenstown:
  • We’ve been able to cut the amount of driving of the trip by almost half! Which means even MORE time for adventures!

At Under30Experiences, our mission is to make travel affordable for young people, so even with these improvements, we will not be raising the price on our trip to New Zealand! Can I get a Hell Yeah? HELL YEAH!

We're stoked to listen to our alumni's feedback and amp up this trip for you! We can’t wait to share these upgrades with all of you. So, who's coming with us?!

Eric Aguirre
I'm Eric, I aim to inspire and lead fellow and future thought-provoking leaders around the world. I love geeking out on Personal Development and strive to make myself and the world around me a better place. You can find my published books and articles at


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