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Exercise Your Comfort Zone Muscle and Make a Positive Impact

Hannah Pinkerton
January 16, 2024

The Guest

This week we’re bringing you something a little different. Instead of hosting, Matt will be interviewed by Sean Sechrist from The Unbeaten Path.

We’ll get plenty of insight into some of Matt’s favorite topics including entrepreneurship, biohacking, travel, meditation, comfort zones, and much more.

Sean, the interviewer this week, is the creator and host of the Unbeaten Path podcast. The show debuted as a top business podcast in iTunes (top 50 business/top 20 careers).

Matt Wilson is the regular host of the Live Different podcast and co-founder of Under30Experiences, a travel company and community for millennials.

The Episode

We kick off the episode by talking about Matt’s love of the outdoors and his start to entrepreneurship as a child growing up in upstate New York.

Today Matt is the CEO and Co-Founder of Under30Experiences, a travel company for people ages 21-35. Matt shares some of his secrets to success, like how discipline and setting his own priorities allowed him to create and run a business while traveling the world. He shares some ways you can get out of your comfort zone, which will allow you to live life to the fullest and be able to say that you did it all.

Learn about the journey of how Under30Experiences started from one retreat style trip to dozens of locations, hundreds of trips around the world, and serving thousands of millennials.

Matt leaves listeners with the advice, “Connect with other people and help them along that path. That’s how we make the world a better place. Otherwise, we are all in it for our own self-interests, but we can't take that stuff with us. If you can leave an impact, a legacy, and touch other people in a way they can pay forward, that is very fulfilling.”

Topics Covered

  • How Matt’s love of nature began in childhood
  • Various entrepreneurial ventures Matt pursued since age 5
  • Matt’s role bringing an entrepreneurial program and major to Bryant University
  • When difficult times post-college sparked the creation of Under30CEO
  • Other people’s reactions to Matt’s entrepreneurial spirit and choices
  • Holy sh*t moments building Under30CEO and trying a variety of business models
  • The business models that truly stuck
  • The birth of Under30Experiences out of a retreat for entrepreneurs
  • One failure that stood out while building the business
  • Under30Experiences’ evolution through present day
  • Matt’s role as a trip leader for Under30Experiences
  • The acquisition of Under30CEO
  • One helpful thing Matt has learned about himself through travel
  • Matt’s learning experiences with a variety of cultures in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Europe
  • Advice for working the “getting out of your comfort zone” muscle
  • Sharing perspectives on the unbeaten path
  • How Matt took action on his goals
  • The key trait that allowed Matt to run his business from all over the world
  • Morning routine essentials
  • Tips on growing your meditation practice
  • What you can do to make the world a better place

Quotes from the Episode

“All these people in our generation needed to be out there starting businesses because their jobs had literally been taken from them.”
“We deliver quality products at a quality price. We make sure everyone has an awesome time.”
“We were no longer eating ramen noodles and PBJ, but if you want something to grow, you have to focus.”
“I am nothing like the person that I was before I started traveling five years ago.”
“Entrepreneurship can be lonely.”
“When I started to practice yoga seven years ago, it completely transformed my body and mind.”
“When we are with the people that we care about, are we really fully present? “
“Getting out of our comfort zone is a muscle.”
“I want to stay at the beach so i am motivated to work hard and then go outside and play. I am extremely disciplined.”



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Hannah Pinkerton
Hannah enjoys spreading love in the world through travel, blogging, and teaching Spanish. Her hobbies include exploring in nature, taking naps, and spoiling her two dogs. She is proud to use her organizational and list making skills as an Executive Assistant for U30X.


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