Experience Brazil in a Whole New Way

Dan Arthur-Sgalia
January 16, 2024

The image you have of Brazil probably isn't an accurate one if you've never been there. It's been colored in many different shades via the media, the Olympics, and the past.

However, this country is so diverse, breathtaking, unique, and unforgettable – and our newly designed trip to this amazing country is a way to experience all of it.

It seems as though the best memories always include amazing people, food, and nature.

This is exactly what we’ve customized for you in redesigning our Brazil trip – more of the things you love most in a place you can experience them in a completely new way.

Photo by Emiliano Segatto

The revamped recipe

Mix the following ingredients, stir well, and you won’t be disappointed with the result.

  • 3 Unbelievably beautiful cities
  • 1 Wonder of the world
  • 2 World famous beaches
  • 1 National park
  • 7 Wondrous waterfalls

Garnish with countless swimming holes, vistas, street parties, caipirinhas, food, new friends, and voila – you've got yourself the best Brazil adventure trip in the world.


This trip includes the best food, music, culture, nature, and activities that Brazil has to offer – all of which will be experienced with like-minded millennials.

By visiting more locations in Brazil (transportation included), you’ll gain a better understanding of how large and different Brazil is from the rest of South America.  

The new and improved 8 day trip to Brazil is special because you’ll see three unique parts of the country.

  • The “Cidade Maravilhoso” (Marvelous City) of Rio de Janeiro. We’ll see beautiful beaches, people, samba parties and the Christ the Redeemer statue!
  • The colorful Afro-Brazilian city of Salvador on the Northeast Coast (domestic airfare included). We’ll experience a Capoeira show in the historical city center, “Pelhourinho”, and learn how African culture has reinvented itself in today’s society.
  • The expansive National Park of the Diamond Highlands (Chapada Diamantina) and its quaint, yet lively gateway city, Lencois, where we’ll hike to beautiful waterfalls, follow meandering rivers, and take in the view of the valleys below from incredible tabletop mountains.

Highlights of our Brazil trip:

  • Visit to the world renowned Copacabana and Ipanema beaches (Rio)
  • Stay in Bohemian “Santa Teresa” neighborhood (Rio)
  • Christ the Redeemer (Rio)
  • Botanical Gardens (Rio)
  • Rio Street Party
  • Pelhourinho historical center (Salvador)
  • Cultural Market shopping (Salvador)
  • Pai Inacio Mountain (Chapada Diamantina)
  • Lapa Doce Cave (Chapada Diamantina)
  • Devils Pool Waterfall (Chapada Diamantina)
  • Pratinha Natural Springs (Chapada Diamantina)
  • Rebeirao do Meio natural waterslide (Chapada Diamantina)
  • Meet and greet with diamond miners, local business owners
  • Tasty Brazilian fruits
  • Caipirinhas - Brazil’s national drink

Did you know...

  • A large population of people living in Southern Brazil are blonde haired, blue eyed, and of German ancestry.
  • Brazil is one of only two countries in South America that DOESN’T speak Spanish.
  • Brazil is larger than the continental U.S and shares a border with all South American countries except Ecuador and Chile.

We hope to see you in Brazil this summer!

If you have any questions the U30X team is here to help!

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Dan Arthur-Sgalia
Dan likes talking about U30X trips with curious people who have an insatiable need for travel, discovery, and personal growth. A fan of adventures, mountains, dogs and building stuff, Dan's favorite country to visit is Brazil. Dan dislikes mean people...loud people too.


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