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Fail Frequently. Learn to Build Your Perfect Day and Persevere with Chris Hughes

Eric Aguirre
January 16, 2024

The Guest

Chris Hughes is an internet entrepreneur, world traveler, surfer, author, and CPA (Cost per acquisition) expert. Chris has been able to make a living as an internet entrepreneur while traveling the world, but it did not come easy.

He’s become a successful business owner by using “brute perseverance and force” to get to where he wanted to be.

Today he’s growing and scaling a successful business with a team of people all working towards living their perfect days.

The Episode

It took Chris 6 years of experimenting and failing before he was able to make a sustainable living online. Today he lives life as a digital nomad, traveling the world, and surfing on his free time. In order to sustain his location independent lifestyle, Chris has had to experiment and fail consistently until he was able to attain what he wanted.

Chris takes us through the journey of quitting his job, moving to a foreign country, being completely clueless in what he was doing, making his first $800 in one day, and finally making a living online.

We wrap up the episode by talking about how to form our perfect day and the importance of getting clear on what we’re working towards in life.

Topics Covered

  • The 6 year journey of ups and downs before making a sustainable living online.
  • Stories from traveling the world
  • Travel tips for working while traveling
  • Growing teams and systems
  • Setting expectations as a digital nomad
  • How to scale a business while traveling the world
  • How to find and hire a virtual assistant
  • The evolution of growing a business
  • Getting specific with forming your perfect day

Quotes from the Episode

“Luck happens when you keep trying.”
“If you keep going after something, you’ll eventually attain it.”
“I think most problems can be solved through education”
“It was brute perseverance and force to get to where I wanted”
“Everything you do can be done by someone else”
“I love to positively brainwash my friends”
“Be specific with what you want and just do it”


Form your perfect day cheat sheet

Work The System


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