Holiday Travel Safety: Tips To Remember

Cat Sullivan
January 16, 2024

The American Automobile Association (AAA) estimates more than one-third of Americans will travel this holiday season. This statistic represents a 4.4 percent increase over last year and the most since AAA has been tracking holiday travel. While traveling, it’s crucial to keep cyber security at the forefront of your mind in order to protect your personal identity.

Invest in proper bags & luggage


Traveling would be nearly impossible without baggage. It’s important to research and find bags, purses, and travel suitcases that can hold and protect all of your essentials. This includes good quality wallets which often hold passports, drivers licenses, credit cards, and all other sensitive information. While traveling, it’s easy to misplace items or even become an easy target for identity theft. Keeping your cards, licenses, and passport attached to you at all times is essential in keeping your information protected while on the go.

Connect devices to a private network


While staying in a variety of houses, hotels, and other public areas, connecting to the Internet is a common occurrence, however, it is usually not the safest option. Most public networks don’t have proper Internet security measures in place, which can allow others connected to the network to gain access to your devices and personal data. Using a VPN or a virtual private network is the perfect way to create a private network from a public Internet connection. This network provides anonymity to you and your devices while using the Internet - therefore protecting your private identity.

Enable passwords


Almost all devices allow you to create and enable passwords or pass codes in order to unlock your device. This code can be whatever you want ranging from 4-6 characters and beyond. Try to make your password something that is private and difficult to guess by people who might already know who you are. Change these passwords every couple of months to ensure your device is password protected and safe. While using your devices in public places be sure to conceal your password to others who might be looking.

Don’t share too much


This tip is a no-brainer when it comes to keeping yourself safe while traveling. With the rise of social media comes the rise of online stalkers. Revisit your social media accounts and check/edit your privacy settings to your liking. All social media accounts allow you to have the option of a private profile where you choose who can see your personal information. When posting on social media try to avoid tagging exact locations to protect your privacy. For example, instead of tagging “Terry’s Pub”, tag the town of “Milson” instead, casting a wider net as to where specifically you are. Another social media tip is to post pictures or a location after you’ve already left the area. Not only does this protect you but also hinders others from following your digital footsteps.

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Cat Sullivan
Cat is the Senior Marketing Specialist at U30X. She's a Chicago native with a passion for fitness and travel. She enjoys short walks to the fridge and bad karaoke.


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