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Increase Cognitive Function and Self Love with Mansal Denton

Hannah Pinkerton
January 16, 2024

The Guest

Mansal Denton is the founder of Nootropedia, an unbiased and accessible online nootropics resource to help you improve your cognitive abilities. Nootropics are substances that enhance mental functions, such as memory.

He previously co-founded and grew Pure Nootropics into one of the 3 largest nootropics commodity ecommerce sites and exited after 15 months with buyout.

In his spare time, he enjoys exploring the world of personal development, travel, meditation, and acro yoga.

The Episode

Our episode this week is all about how we can enhance our own brains, improve cognitive function, and live all around better lives.

Mansal experienced an amazing journey from being arrested for stealing documents from a museum, to being in jail for three and a half years, writing a book, starting multiple businesses, and learning to love himself along the way.

We discuss lifestyle choices and supplements that lead to demonstrated improved cognitive functioning. He shares about a recent ayahuasca ceremony and tips for experiencing both the DMT and non-DMT versions of ayahuasca safely.

Mansal leaves listeners with the recommendation to “Get grounded in the fact that whoever you are, whatever you are, you are perfect the way that you are. Love yourself the way that you are.”

Topics Covered

  • The definition of nootropics
  • What attracted Mansal to nootropics
  • The suffering in his life that propelled him to make radical changes
  • How 3.5 years in prison changed him
  • Lifestyle changes and their role in self love
  • The relationship between confidence in all areas and the types of partners you attract
  • Introspection and nootropics users
  • Tips for processing deep emotions and trauma through an ayahuasca ceremony
  • Activating DMT in the brain
  • Dietary recommendations for optimal brain performance
  • The impact of fasting on focus
  • Top three nootropic supplements recommendations for beginners on a budget
  • Fish oil, brain scans, and attention
  • Masal’s lifestyle advice for listeners

Quotes from the Episode

"I had to make a change in the way I approached life, my daily routine, and things I was creating in the world."
"The idea that I could tweak and supplement my diet in order to improve my mental performance was really appealing to me."
"There’s a lot of conditioning around what it means to be a man in the modern world."
"How do I create from a place of love and being fulfilled myself instead of creating out of a place of fear and anxiety."
"I was delusional thinking I wasn’t going to prison. Looking back on it, it really was the best thing that ever happened to me."
"It’s funny how much all aspects of life are so interconnected."
"How do I take responsibility and take action towards achieving whatever goal it is?"
"There’s a thin line between getting better at work and getting better in life. I hope to bridge that gap."
"Many people especially males, don’t feel, don’t cry. It builds up and becomes a scar tissue of unresolved trauma and emotions."
"Fasting is what I call an easy win. It can so powerfully impact blood sugar and insulin levels simply through timing alone. Those things are important for cognition."
"Truly make a practice to love yourself."


Mansal’s Blog

A Head Above” by Mansal Denton

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Hannah Pinkerton
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