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Live Longer, Happier and Healthier Through The Power of Community with David Spinks

Eric Aguirre
January 16, 2024

The Guest

David Spinks is the Founder and CEO of CMX Media. CMX is an association for community managers that provides events, membership, and training for teams and companies on how to launch and scale communities.

He started CMX Summit and CMX Hub after he noticed that the thousands of community builders in the world weren’t talking to one another. Ultimately, David seeks to help and empower communities through his work with CMX Media.

Before CMX, David co-founded an online cooking school called Feast, and BlogDash, a platform to help businesses with blogger outreach.

The Episode

Our episode this week is all about how community can help us live happier, healthier, and longer lives. We discuss how to find our community, and even how we can create our own tribe.

Did you know that although we’re more connected than ever before, we’re also more depressed and lonely?

For all of human history, community has played a vital role in our safety and sense of purpose. Over the years, quality connection has been replaced by quantity - leading us down the path of a thousand connections, but has simultaneously left us feeling alone.

In this episode we talk about how finding community in the 21st century can be challenging, but is imperative to our wellbeing. David gives us actionable advice on how looking for opportunities to help others can help us find our tribe, and reap in the benefits of having a support system around us.

Community has the power to extend our lives, and David is in the business of forming quality communities.

Listen to this episode and live a longer happier life with quality community.

People who help and support each other are the foundation of community. We’re grateful for our inclusive Under30Experiences community which seeks the same goal.

Topics Covered

  • Non-negotiable values in David’s company
  • Lessons learned from both Matt and David getting fired from a rapidly growing startup
  • How to respect and defend your health
  • Defining and finding your community
  • The correlation between loneliness and connection in the modern world
  • How to start a community by being vulnerable and open
  • Actionable steps to begin finding a new community
  • How to know you’ve found the right community
  • How to bring people together in the right way by creating clarity and safety
  • The importance of having a purpose driven community and organization

Quotes from the Episode

“As a leader it is your responsibility to take care of yourself and set that example for your employees.”
“We tend to overemphasize our current opportunities and de-emphasize their role in a larger area of your life.”
“Social connection should be a health priority.”
“We’re more connected than ever before, yet we’re more lonely than ever before.”
“The best way to be a part of a community is to start one.”
“You’ll know you’re in the right community when you feel safe expressing a part of your identity without fear of being attacked.”


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We’re grateful for our inclusive Under30Experiences Community


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