Live a Creative Life: U30X February Alumni Roundup

Jennifer DeSimone
January 16, 2024

Living a creative life is something that has always interested me. How does one take their greatest gifts and use it to provide value to the world?

The creatives within the U30X community never fail to inspire. These five alumni - and their capacity to create - will inspire you to live a more creative life.

From a hip hop yogi to an aspiring fashion designer, here are five creative alumni you need to know.

Liz Flores

Liz Flores in her art studio

Trips: Iceland, Starter Costa RicaBaliNicaragua

Current Location: Chicago

Her story: I'm a self-taught painter and illustrator working in Chicago, IL. Two years ago I left my corporate job to pursue a more creative life. Since then, I've been fortunate to work on some pretty cool projects, like co-creating an installation on Chicago's Michigan Avenue for the art movement The World We Want, building online and offline communities for Pursuit, and pushing my art practice further than I ever thought possible (next stop...murals!). I was lucky enough to document some of this journey on the TEDx stage last year.

Connect: @lizitto

Rajiv 'RajNATION' Nathan*

blog-Live-a-Creative-Life-U30X-February-Alumni-Roundup-raj-yoga .jpg
Not even a leg brace can stop this yogi

Trips: Explore Costa Rica & Belize

Current Location: Chicago

His story: Yeeeain't even know how hard I bring the flow as the rapping yogi of Chicago. I teach energizing yoga classes around the city. I don't drink coffee--yoga is my caffeine, and my goal is to get you to expreeeeesssss yaaaaself on and off your mat. Join me in O.G. Yogis where I share pose breakdowns and more! To join a class in Chicago, see schedule below.

Connect: @rajnation

Monica Modzelewski

blog-Live-a-Creative -Life-U30X-February-Alumni-Roundup-caravan-of-style.jpg
Living larger than life on a budget

Trip: Iceland and going to Starter Costa Rica in May & France/Spain in August

Current Location: Chicago

Her story: Stepping outside of your comfort zone can sometimes feel like the most monumental of tasks; trust me I get how fear can get in the way. A few years ago, I moved to Chicago without knowing a single soul. It was from that loneliness that I to start my blog, Caravan of Style, as a creative outlet and a unique way to meeting up with like-minded individuals in the city. In just 4 years, I met some wonderful friends like Cassie who introduced me to U30X, became a freelance writer for a variety of online blogs, and successfully launched a small business through my blog. My blog focuses on providing millennial women ideas on how to shop, entertain, and travel on a budget. This year I will be focusing travel and how enriching the experience can be. You don’t need a lot of money to travel (or to be creative), but you do need the drive to make it happen.

Connect: @caravanofstyle

Liza Herlands

Experiencing the world one cup of coffee at a time

Trip: Iceland

Current Location: NYC

Her story: I am currently working in travel public relations representing a number of luxury brands after taking a year off to travel Europe, based in Ireland. While I was abroad, I grew my Instagram following and created a website that focuses on travel through coffee shops. I now work part time as a social media influencer in the food, travel, and lifestyle realm. I also recently started writing as a featured blogger for Darling Magazine. As an AVID travel enthusiast, my entire 2017 allotted PTO is slotted for trips to Patagonia, Japan, and Calgary, Canada.

Connect: @lizaherlands_

Andrea Tobin

blog-Live-a-Creative -Life-U30X-February-Alumni-Roundup-lynt.jpg
Fashion + active lifestyle chic

Trip: Starter Costa Rica

Current Location: San Diego, CA

Her story: Being born and raised in one of the countries most active cities I fell in love with the outdoors and the whole active lifestyle. I love biking to a park and throwing around a frisbee then heading to the beach for a walk followed by a couple happy hour beers at a nearby bar. The only problem I continued to encounter was hanging clothes appropriate for everything so I created Lynt.  Lynt is a women's clothing company that is all about versatility. Lynt creates clothes that are as comfy as gym clothes but are fashionable for any social occasion. The items are all made out of high performance fabrics so you have the comfort and stability without looking like you belong on a treadmill or in a yoga studio. Did I also mention that they're perfect for traveling? I wear my jetset jumpsuit every time I get on a plane!

Connect: @allthingslynt

Just for insiders: use code U30X for 30% off your next can't live without garment.

Living a creative life may not be the easiest path in life, but it may just be one filled with beauty.

In the words of Elizabeth Gilbert, "Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?” 


*Interested in hip-hop yoga? Join Raj's classes in Chicago: 
- Mondays 6:30 - 7:45 pm, Turn It Up Dog at Bare Feet Power Yoga (Loft location)
-Wednesdays 5:15 - 6:15 pm, Funkmaster Flexible Flow at Bottom Line Yoga (CBOT location)
-Wednesdays 6:25 - 7:15 pm, Stretch & Restore at Bottom Line Yoga (CBOT location)
- Thursdays 7:00 - 8:00 am, Funkmaster Flexible Flow at Bottom Line Yoga (CBOT location)


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Jennifer DeSimone
Currently based in Austin, Jennifer is the Chief of Community for U30X. She has a passion for creating connections, community, and opportunities for more empathy. In her spare time you can find her on her yoga mat, whipping up something yummy in the kitchen, or reading a good book.


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