Staying Healthy Wherever You Travel

Diana Wills
January 16, 2024

Whether you’re just a beach or mountain vacationer or an avid traveler who has a scratch map of all the countries you’ve visited, there are certain things you absolutely need to be aware of when setting sail to a new destination. We do our best to stay fit and healthy at home – we do our best to eat right, exercise, and keep our immune system strong. However, it’s a known fact that different climates and different countries come with their own set of rules and that being away from home in a foreign land can truly take a toll on your health. Therefore, it is vital that you do everything within your power to stay strong and healthy, for health itself but also in order to have a pleasurable journey that you set out to have in the first place.

Do your research

Before you start packing your bags for your next destination, it’s paramount to do your due diligence and check out the rules and regulations concerning vaccination for different diseases. This information is freely available, so make sure you find the country you intend on traveling to and then make sure you get all your shots. These diseases are not a laughing matter and you should take them seriously, and beyond that, it’s your legal obligation to be fully immunized before entering said country so never, ever skip this step.


Bring your own supplements

Regardless of the vaccines and all other measures of precaution you have taken, you should always have your emergency health kit with you. This includes a diverse and comprehensive complex of vitamins, great magnesium supplements, minerals tablets, and probiotics. In fact, it is highly advised that you start taking your probiotics several days before the actual trip as your body needs time to prepare. Probiotics, as well as vitamin, magnesium, calcium and other minerals are vital for keeping your digestive tract in spick and span shape, so whatever you do, make sure these are the first that find their way into your suitcase. Along with that, if you’re currently on any other medication for any acute or chronic condition, make sure you bring those along as well, along with the prescriptions as certain countries may need a document that verifies that you do in fact have a ‘license’ to carry prescription meds.

Drink bottled water only


No offense to any country in the world, but your stomach is used to the water you drink at home, and you don’t know what the quality of the water in a given country is, so always stick to bottled water. While on the subject, never forget to keep constantly hydrated. There are probably places you will want to see, which takes a lot of energy and possibly perspiration, and your body needs the additional water to make up for the lost amount. You should start drinking plenty even while on the plane because the cabin pressure will suck the life out of you, especially during long flights, so bottoms up.  

Exercise here, exercise there

It’s almost impossible to emphasize the importance of exercise, in life in general, but during a journey as well. Exercise keeps your cardiovascular health in check, gives you more energy, is of great help with the metabolic system which can get a little ‘out of sorts’ when you’re away from home, and as someone who probably wants to explore the destination in question, you’ll need all the energy you can get, and there is no bigger energy booster than a grueling workout session. You can find videos online and practice from the comfort of your own hotel room or accommodation, or if you’re staying longer, scout out a good gym where you can get your groove on and keep your health in impeccable condition.


Mind what you eat

As an avid traveler, your biggest desire is to completely immerse yourself in the local culture, connect with the people and feel like a local. This, of course, entails trying some of the very specific local specialties, but be wary and highly careful with the food you choose to eat. You may not be accustomed to certain spices or ways of food preparation, and it’s not uncommon for people to get food poisoning while on a trip. In order to keep that from happening, stay on the safe side and check out safe and recommended places to eat. There are tons of great travel websites that will tell you all about the best places to eat, drink, have desserts, so you don’t have to end up having every meal at a food chain. You can still get the taste of the culture, you just have to approach it smartly.

Be prepared

Before you start packing your bags, you will, of course, check out the current and long-term weather conditions that await for you at your destination. Even if the weather forecast says it’s going to be nice and breezy, pack a sweater and a raincoat just in case. You live in this world, and you’ve seen that four seasons can change during the course of one day, so don’t leave any room for surprises, but rather pack a bit of everything and stay warm and toasty as the last thing you want ruining your trip is a common cold or flu.


Now you’re ready to enjoy your journey and be perfectly healthy so you can relish every minute of it. We envy you, so stay strong, stay smart and do your due diligence because a good offense is the best defense.

Diana Wills
Diana Wills is a Biochemist and a Blogger based in Sydney. She is a science, health, food and fitness lover, with interests in beauty and fashion. She is enjoying all these things so much that she started writing about them so she can share her passion with everyone.


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