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Trip Recap: San Francisco, California to Yosemite National Park

Jenne Nelson
January 16, 2024

Yosemite did NOT disappoint!

Last week, we spent 4 days exploring San Francisco and Yosemite National Park with a small group of travelers..and it was nothing short of amazing.

Our awesome Trip Leaders even showed us spots that google searches didn't even know about! We spent our days exploring our new surroundings and our nights camping under the stars.

Keep reading to see how our very first trip to San Francisco and Yosemite National Park played out.

Day 1: San Francisco

We met up at our boutique hotel in Union Square, introduced ourselves to our new group of friends, went over the plan for the weekend, then headed out to explore China Town.

We meandered through this iconic location, chowed down on some world famous pizza, then spent a night in our boutique hotel in the heart of San Francisco.

*COVID safety measures: Masks worn in public, single occupancy tents, temperature checks at start of trip.

Day 2: Wine tasting and great Sequoias

We started our morning with a visit to a local coffee shop for some warm beverages and breakfast pastries. We hopped into our included transportation and made our way through Great Central Valley...the largest agricultural region in the entire United States!

We made a stop in Livermore Valley to visit the largest continuously operated family-owned winery in the country.

After channeling our inner sommelier, we finished our journey towards Yosemite National Park! Once we arrived, we claimed out camp site, set up our tents, then set out to check out some giants of the forest...the Great Sequoia trees!

We can describe these trees as massive, but even that doesn't do them justice. These trees were HUGE!

We ended our evening at the campsite with some s'mores over a stove (no campfires are allowed in the park, but we made do!).

Day 3: Hiking!

We woke up to the sounds of nature and fueled up with a camp breakfast before we entered Yosemite National Park and hit the ground running!

We began our morning by following a few trails, we make a pit-stop for lunch, then conquered even more trails...and let us tell you, the views were nothing short of EPIC.

After enjoying a day in the outdoors, we caught the sunset before heading back to camp for some pasta and more s'mores...because if eating s'mores is ever an option, why would you pass that up?!

Day 4: Departure

We enjoyed one last breakfast at our campsite, disassembled our tents, then began our journey back to San Francisco.

It wouldn't be San Francisco without a Golden Gate Bridge sighting, so we made sure to squeeze that in before saying "see you later" to our new group of friends.

Interested in experiencing this trip for yourself? Check out the calendar to see which trip date works best for you and come join us!

Jenne Nelson
Jenne is a nice human who likes other nice humans. She works with Under30Experiences in the Austin, TX office and is a big fan of traveling, fancy cheeses, and can recite the alphabet backwards.


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