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U30X Careers

get paid to travel the world

Working for Under30Experiences

Are you interested in getting paid to travel the world?

We take young adults on trips throughout the world and we're looking for people who want to travel and get paid to lead them.

Your job will be to travel to some of the coolest destinations in the world while leading groups of 10-20 people. 

To see if you are the right fit and to apply, continue reading below.

Our Asks:

  • Applicants come with unique industry translatable experience
  • Fluent in English plus another language: Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Thai...
  • Have social media and photography skills
  • Understand this is a full-time job commitment (not just a vacation)
  • Be CPR and First Aid certified; other certifications a plus

And can handle the following:

  • Red eye flights to places like Iceland 
  • Dealing with the elements
  • Jetlag
  • Altitude sickness
  • Food poisioning in peru
  • Being in physical shape
  • Mentally ready to lead others out of their comfort zone
  • Have the discipline to eat healthy and be an example people want to follow

Positions available:

-Tour Manager: Lead trips and manage a region

-Bilingual Photographer/Videographer Guide: Get paid to travel the world and lead trips

-Costa Rica ICT Certified Guides: Work and live in Costa Rica with flex time to travel

-Sales Associate: Austin, Texas

Must have Travel Experience:

  • Industry experience is preferred, including previous experience at Contiki, G Adventures, Intrepid, or EF Tours
  • Experience as a tour guide, leading groups, and strong leadership qualities.
  • English and Spanish fluency, bonus if you speak French.  
  • Has a background in Peruvian, Costa Rican or Mexican history and culture
  • We are also seeking those fluent in Spanish and Portuguese or Italian for Europe based positions.  
  • We are also seeking those fluent in Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Khmer, and Japanese for Asia positions.
  • Has experience living in a foreign country or studying abroad.
  • USA, Canadian, European or other passport that allows extended stays in the countries you will be working.
  • First aid + CPR training.

Must have blogging, social media and people skills:

  • Blogging & social media experience with strong writing skills.
  • Social skills, customer service experience, a bright smile, and the ability to lead groups with endless energy
  • Have an interest in personal development and becoming an all around badass
  • Has strong physical & emotional health and can handle 12 hour days & back-to-back trips
  • Remains calm and collected under unpredictable and stressful circumstances
  • Wants to be part of a work climate that encourages a healthy + optimized lifestyle

Must Not:

  • Complain or ever get tired of being sent to amazing places
  • Have poor leadership skills, or fearful in unfamiliar foreign countries
  • Care if you get a middle seat on an airplane, sleep on a couch, or have roommates
  • Get sick often, eat like crap, and let the team down

Potential Duties:

  • Lead groups around amazing destinations
  • Build relationships with vendors, understand history, study culture, and translation
  • Create travel blog posts for Under30Experiences
  • Capture photos and video for social media
  • Syndicate work to other travel publications
  • Promote work across social media
  • Make friends within our community and make sure they have the best trip ever

What does it mean to be a U30X Experience Guide?

It means you get to have experiences of a lifetime while leading small groups of young adults on amazing trips and handling any issues or concerns that come up to ensure the highest level of customer service.  

It means you get to write and be published on a popular and successful blog.

It is an opportunity to work with like-minded entrepreneurial peers within a growing company that thrives on a culture of becoming better versions of ourselves.

We are more than a travel company. We are an Experience company, centered around a Community

To Apply:

Submit a resume / CV highlighting your experience, passions, skills, and any other relevant information, including language skills.

2. Submit a 3-minute video cover letter highlighting your passions, skills, and motivations for applying. Please tell us how your skills and expertise could contribute to our team. 

*The video cover letter can be as simple as the "selfie camera" on your phone. Our goal is to better understand why you'd like to be a part of Under30Experiences - not your ability to make a professional video.

3. Provide links to your social media pages, blog, and/or website.

Once you have completed steps 1-3, email everything to:

*To apply you must hold appropriate citizenship or documents permitting you to reside and work in designated region.

*Note: We thank all interested candidates however only those chosen for an interview will be contacted.


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