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"If you're ready to take the leap - or just meet up with like-minded people to plan your next adventure - join our community on Facebook and come out to our next event!"
-Kelcie Evenson

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Kelcie Evenson

I fell in love with travel after my first trip abroad - a visit to Italy the summer before my senior year of high school - and have since traveled to nearly 30 countries over the past 8 years. When I'm not traveling, you can find me at the park with my dog or spending time with my 5 roommates (and our pups).

Although my connection with travel was instantaneous, it was always something I preferred to do alone. Group travel seemed like a chore that would require giving up spontaneity and excitement that I love about traveling, but that couldn't be further from the truth with U30x. My first trip was Belize in November of 2015, followed by Peru and the yoga retreat in Costa Rica. My favorite memory from a trip so far was during our time in Cusco, when our plans fell through. We went on a horseback-ride tour that ended at shaman's house! Every trip with U30x is a unique and incredible experience. 


Jody Gansel

I'm Jody and recently returned back to Atlanta after being in Boston for about a year. As many of us do, I have a passion for travel and am always planning my next adventure. I love doing outdoorsy things, yoga, and playing nerdy board games (Pandemic anyone?). I love to cook for friends and get as many FitBit steps as possible.

Over a year ago I googled "20s-30s trips" and Under30Experiences popped up. I quickly called Jared, asked a bunch of questions, and signed up Costa Rica trip that day. While I've  traveled a lot, I had never done a trip quite like this, where 20 strangers became great friends in less than a week. I loved my Costa Rica trip so much, that shortly after I returned I signed up for the Iceland trip. I knew that even if Iceland wasn't my cup of tea, I would have an amazing time with the new friends. Going to Iceland renewed my passion for the U30X community. I've loved getting to know the the U30X Boston community and am excited to be back in Atlanta to continue building this community.