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Austin, TX

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"Once I returned I knew the U30X Community was something I wanted to be more involved in."
-Loren Wakham

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Loren Wakham

I found U30X at the perfect time, or actually they found me (thanks Instagram). While all my college girlfriends were getting married I was going through a nasty breakup and needed an escape from all the madness. After poking around the website I noticed an upcoming trip to Machu Picchu; several of my friends raved about how great Peru was, so I knew it was the winner! I booked the trip within the week and never looked back. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

The trip was nothing short of amazing - the food, culture, scenery and most importantly my trip mates exceeded every exception I had. Once I returned I knew the U30X Community was something I wanted to be more involved in and apart of long term, so being a Community Manager was the perfect fit. When I'm not obsessively daydreaming about world travels I work for C3 Presents as an accountant in their casinos division. I love college football, the Texas Hill Country and my dachshund, Sully.


Tanya Jimenez

I am a Texas native who loves trying new foods, my dog, and taking pictures of memories made in the moment. Travel was introduced to me at a young age and has become a passion of mine through the years, and especially so after my first international trip to Costa Rica in December 2015. I am currently working as a Travel Coordinator for a State Agency in TX, and striving towards earning my certification as a Travel Agent. I have my eyes set on California, Costa Rica again, Belize, Vermont, Portugal, and Spain for 2017.

The U30X community has brought me countless lifetime friendships as well as opportunities to step outside my comfort zone in new ways. I love that this community is so involved in helping one another in any way they can.

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