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"These trips have truly opened eyes to the breathtaking world we live in, my mind to new possibilities, and my heart to kind souls from every country and walk of life."
-Cara Murphy

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Cara Murphy

I'm a Management Consultant working for PwC living in Hoboken, NJ. My home office is in NYC but I travel around the country to work on at different clients and help optimize their business operations and strategy. When I'm not working I love to swim, hike, bake, and do things that make my heart smile. 

I was on the first trip to Nicaragua back in 2013. At the time I was editing for Under30CEO and Matt Wilson asked if I would like to come along as an admin. I said "Of course!" and haven't looked back. I have since been on another trip to Nicaragua (the beautiful country and its people truly stole my heart) and one to Costa Rica. Travel has always been a passion of mine, but U30X has helped to make it a reality. Everyone who comes on these trips has a unique perspective and story to share, and they have helped create once-in-a-lifetime memories and friendships. 


Chelsea Smith

Hi! My name is Chelsea Smith and I work in Finance in NYC. I am a Community Manager because I love bringing people together and this is such a great opportunity to have those in the U30X community in NYC to meet each other, share stories, and make new friends. 

I took my first trip with U30x this Summer to France. It was my first solo trip and I wouldn't change it for the world. It threw me out of my comfort zone and I met some of the most amazing people. U30x combines bringing like-minded souls together in wonderful destinations with fun and unique activities. I realized that there's more to life than work - there are so many adventures waiting to be had!


Shams Naim 

I started my journey with the U30X community with a trip to Costa Rica in 2016. Taken aback by the ‘pura vida’ lifestyle and the great sense of community U30X curated on trips and off, I have taken a larger role in the NYC community to foster similar experiences – this time, closer to home. Why? Because collectively we believe our generation needs to explore the world in order to understand it, and the NY area is is a melting pot of culture and history worth venturing with community of likeminded adventure seekers.

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