6 Reasons You Have to Visit Peru NOW!

Jen Morilla
January 16, 2024

1. The Language

Peru is located in South America where the mother language is Spanish. But if you don't speak the language, don't let this intimidate is a remarkable thing to experience.

A photo does not do this Experience justice...

To be in a different city and try on another language is fascinating. Plus, many Peruvians speak some English so communication is rarely too difficult.

2. El Cambio (the exchange rate)


If you’re visiting from America or another country that isn’t in South America, chances are your currency is a lot higher than the Peruvian Sol. Making your trip extremely easy to maintain a budget. 

Also, lets not forget that also means that souvenir shopping will be lots of fun!

3. La Comida (The Food)

‍Is you’re mouth watering yet? Ha!

ATTENTION FOODIES: Peru is where it's at! Yes, Peru!

Peruvian cuisines are combinations of Hispanic, Chinese, and Spanish. Making most--if not all dishes--absolutely delicious. The most famous Peruvian dish is the Ceviche, a seafood dish.

For those that are thinking: “it’s just raw fish with that lots of lemon”. You’re right, but when a Peruvian makes it they add spices, corn, sweet potatoes, and nuts.

4. La Cultura (The Culture)

It's so interesting to experience how other cultures celebrate.

Peru has so much rich culture. If you really want to experience culture and feel part of something different, visit Cusco. 

Cusco, Peru is a small city in the middle of the Andes Mountains. It’s where most people go before climbing Machu Picchu and is a lovely city where old traditions of the Incas are very much still alive.

5.  La Gente (The People)

Get Cultured!

Most people have this unsafe perception of South America and as someone who has lived in Brazil and traveled to other South American countries, I would say that South America isn’t one of the safest continents. So when I knew I was coming to Peru I was little scared.

Well I am happy to say, I was wrong. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s still South America and you should be careful in any country you’re traveling in.  

But Peru is probably one of the safest South American countries I’ve visited. Not to mention that the Peruvian people are extremely humble, kind and helpful (from my encounter).

6. Visiting a NEW World Wonder

There are certain moments in life you just won't forget...

If that doesn’t convince you then don’t even bother visiting Peru!

Ladies and gents (or Caballeros y Damas), Machu Picchu is named one of the NEW world wonders (2007) and I promise you that when you actually come and see with your own two eyes, you’ll understand why. It does not disappoint! 

We grew up reading about the history of Machu Picchu and all its mysteries so visiting Peru to visit Machu Picchu is an absolute must.

Are you ready?

Under30Experiences has trips to Peru & Machu Picchu all the time. Come join us and have an Experience of a lifetime.

Jen Morilla
Jen is a travel blogger and founder of, The Social Girl Traveler. She quit her New York City corporate job in February of 2015 for a budget and backpack and hasn’t looked back since. She aims to travel with a purpose and inspire people to do the same! Jen travels with clean water filters in backpack. She’s been to 33 countries on 6 continents and isn’t stopping anytime soon!


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