7 Reasons You Must See Tulum

Miles Rote
January 16, 2024

Look, this place is magical.  To whittle this list down to only 7 reasons, wasn't easy.

We've been all around the world and there isn't anything quite like exploring Mexico and all it has to offer but here are our top 7 reasons you need to see Tulum.

1. Mayan Civilization History

Chichen Itza on our #u30x trip to Tulum

We've all heard stories about the ancient Mayan people for years. Now it's time to see what their culture was like for yourself.

Tulum boasts some of the coolest Mayan Ruins in the world...including the infamous Chichen Itza.

This is reason enough to come to Tulum, but there is so much more.

2. Cenotes  

Snorkeling Tulum
Snorkeling Tulum

The Cenotes were special places of worship for the Mayans and have a lot of historical significance.

Swim and snorkel in these underground sink holes, or jump off of a few rock cliffs.

You can even swim in bat caves...

3. Green & Turquoise Beaches

Tulum Beaches

Lounge at one of the top beaches in the world with some of the most turquoise water you've ever seen.

Or find the right hammock and just hang out for a while.

Just don't forget to get some Instagram worthy photos. It won't be hard...

4. Authentic Mexican Experience 

If you have never had an authentic Mexican experience, it's a must!

Enjoy live music, or try salsa dancing at the local bar.

Experiencing the culture is one of the best things about travel and you will definitely get a taste of the Mexican culture if you come to Tulum with us.

5. Beachfront Accommodations

When you travel to Tulum with Under30Experiences, you have beachfront accommodations.

Enjoy a look-out terrace and soak in being located in just the right spot. You will be only a short walk from the heart of the town, yoga, local hangouts and shops.

6. Experience 'eco-chic'

Tulum has a really great eco-friendly vibe to it.

Opt for some afternoon yoga at local eco-chic resorts right on the beach, or peruse many of the local shops and markets.

7. Affordability  

At only $995 it is one of our most affordable trips jam packed with bucket list activities! You can even pair it with a trip to Belize with our Mexico & Belize group trip.

What are your favorite things to do in Tulum? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Miles Rote
Miles is the founder of Wellness Gangsters & author of the Become Yourself Newsletter where readers get high-level tips & resources to go next level.


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