Back to Reality: 3 Tips for Returning Home from Solo Travel

Megan Lawlor
October 1, 2019

You’re what?  

If you’ve traveled before, you know what I’m talking about. 

Regardless of where your destination was, you probably saw things unlike anything that you’ve seen before. You met curious people who think like you do, and made you feel seen and understood.  

You tried new things and really pushed yourself out of your comfort zone. You allowed yourself to be vulnerable and to make connections.   

You’ve just had this incredible, life changing experience.  

‍In Barcelona, Spain

Back to Reality

And now, you’re still you…only a slightly different you.    

Everyone tells you why you should travel, but how often do we hear anything about what it’s like after the trip ends?  

Although returning home from travel is more difficult than you may think, taking the trip is still ENTIRELY WORTH IT!    

Here are a few things I've learned over the years about reintegrating back into the real world post epic trip:

1. Feel everything

When you get home, you’re going to be on a travel high.

You’re going to want to share your experience with anyone and everyone who will listen.

There may be a sense of confusion when they don’t react with the level of enthusiasm that you might expect, and you may find yourself feeling sad and lonely now that you’re not with the people that you just experienced all of these magical moments with.  

Guess what? It’s ok, and it's normal!

Feel it ALL as you find your footing.    

2. Connect  

We’re fortunate to live in a time when staying connected is as simple as it is.  

If you’ve traveled with a group or an organization like U30X, join their facebook page!  Not only will this allow you to stay in touch with the people who were on the trip with you, but you’ll also become a part of a community where you'll make new friends who have had their own travel adventures.  

These people know what you’re going through and will be there if you need their support. You just have to ASK.      

My most recent trip with U30X to my beloved Peru!

3. Thank yourself

You’ve just given yourself a true gift - the gift of experience.  

You’ve done something that a lot of people talk about but never actually do. You should be proud of that, and you should thank yourself for it.

The best part about this gift is that it becomes a part of you that you can share with others!  

Your very being, your perspective has been changed and broadened.  

Whatever you need to do to continue to nurture yourself, do it. You’re worth it.    

‍With family in London, England

If we’re real about it, there’s no such thing as just “going back” after you return from an epic adventure.

Travel is so much more than just a change of scenery, it’s a change in your everyday reality…in the very fabric of what makes you you.  

Embrace it. You’re meant to be so much more than what you’ve been to this point, and travel is the best catalyst for growth.

Here’s to a life full of adventures and happy returns!

Megan Lawlor
Megan is a school teacher by trade with the heart of a wandering gypsy. She loves smiling and connecting with new people from all around the world


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