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Fitting in is Bullshit: Recognize Who You Are and Break the Mold with Dave Nelson of Milestone Mind

Eric Aguirre
January 16, 2024

Dave Nelson is the Founder and Coach of Milestone Mind. He founded Milestone Mind with the belief that we can all live life while feeling fully alive. Dave believes that if we ask the right questions we can gain the right insights and expand and advance our mindsets.

He is a near-death surviving, mountain running, endurance race competing, former Silicon Valley selling, philosophy reading, mindset exploring man, dad, and husband.

Through his work in exploring mindset, Dave provides his audience with the answers they need to live a full and purposeful life.

The Episode

Do you want to live life authentic to who you are?

Do you think that fitting in is bullshit?  Do you wish you could feed your rebel soul?

Listen in to how Dave has overcome so many challenges in his life to become confident in the person he is today.  

Dave is a certified Warrior Mind, Mental Strength Coach and has a lot to offer on how to recognize when change speaks to you.

Dave has a “process minded philosophy” to live and is great at creating systems to allow you to find something in life bigger than you.

We also talk about one of my favorite topics and that’s breaking out of the victim mindset and go over strategies to stop blaming yourself and people around you.

We leave you with the mantra “How is this currently serving me?”

Topics Covered

  • ‍The obstacles and hardships that brought Dave closer to his purpose
  • How obstacles can help you forge ahead in life
  • Why people buy into the concept of fitting in
  • How to take the leap against resistance
  • How to build momentum to live your own unique life
  • The best way to frame the goals you’re chasing
  • How to define your values and know you’re marching in the right direction
  • Action steps once you have a vision of your life
  • How to ask yourself the right questions
  • How to stay out of a victim mindset

Quotes from the Episode

“You can create your own microcosm”
“The person who has to like you the most is the one who’s looking at you in the mirror”
“You can either run away from the problem or sprint at the problem”
“What has lead me to today?”
“Don’t over complicate the things you want to go after in your life”
“Don’t limit yourself on some outcome that you defined will be the cause of something for you”
“How is this currently serving me?”
“What are the words that I want to embody today”
“Build the practice of not carrying yesterday with you”


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Listen in Now, and begin marching in the direction of your life’s vision!

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