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Live a More Ambitious Life With Tips from Four Leading Business Experts

Hannah Pinkerton
October 1, 2019

The Guest

  1. Jaime Tardy is the creator of the Eventual Millionaire Podcast.  She has interviewed over 150 millionaires and become an expert on building systems in your business to free up two of our most finite resources, money and time.

  2. Tim Sykes is a penny stock trader, entrepreneur, and full time teacher who has generated millions of dollars through his investment strategies. Dozens of Tim’s students are now earning six figures/year and he’s also created several millionaire students. Tim is using his wealth to build 1000 schools around the world in an effort to bring education to those who need it most.

  3. Brent Beshore is the founder of where he invests in early and late stage companies. Brent is an expert on evaluating small businesses and people.

  4. Greg Rollett is a best selling author, marketing expert and the founder of, a platform created to share lifestyles and personalities of young people who are taking life into their own hands.

The Episode

Our episode today is all about business. We are sharing some of our favorite clips from entrepreneurs, teachers, podcasters, and other business experts on topics like making millions, evaluating yourself, and creating habits for success

We went back into the archives and dug up a few excellent episodes that highlight some business performance tips and we put them all together for you in today’s episode!

Topics Covered

  • Habits of the most successful people on the planet
  • Building systems in your business to free up money and time
  • How traveling gets you involved with what matters
  • Developing a limitless mindset
  • Becoming a true expert from anywhere in the world
  • How to evaluate an entrepreneur and yourself
  • How to get to the bottom of what you are trying to learn
  • Tangible steps to start living a more ambitious life

Quotes from the Episode

“Entrepreneurs unfortunately think they can do it all themselves… but if you make an incredible hire, you say why didn’t I do this earlier? (Jaime Tardy)”
“A lot of times people can fall into the trap of not actually creating any value in the world. (Tim Sykes)”
“Wisdom is the ability to take your own advice (Brent Beshore)”
“If you’re trying to make it perfect you’re probably missing the opportunity (Greg Rollett)”


The Eventual Millionaire Podcast

Tim Sykes’ Personal Site

800+ Free YouTube Lessons

Brent Beshore

Ambitious (.com)

Greg Rollett

Original Episodes

#9 How to Create Habits Like a Millionaire and Live Your Perfect Day

#18 How to Evaluate Yourself and the People Around You With Brent Beshore

#21 How to Live a More Ambitious Life with Greg Rollett

#83 Make Millions, Travel the World, and Give Back with Multi-Millionaire Tim Sykes

Listen in Now, and build your vision for the future today!

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Hannah Pinkerton
Hannah enjoys spreading love in the world through travel, blogging, and teaching Spanish. Her hobbies include exploring in nature, taking naps, and spoiling her two dogs. She is proud to use her organizational and list making skills as an Executive Assistant for U30X.


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