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The Human Journey: Embrace Your Calling and Use Travel as a Way to Catalyze Transformation w/ Nathaniel Boyle

Eric Aguirre
January 16, 2024

"Is your paycheck paying your emotional bills?”

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Nathaniel Boyle (@nathanielboyle) is Host of The Travelers Podcast which has been downloaded over 400,000 times, was named by The White House as one of the Top 100 Influencers in Travel and the Founder of the community Holocene

In Nathaniel's very own words: "Holocene is a platform and community for the curious and creative. A place for people to coalesce around this concept of transformative travel to explore the world and themselves together one story at a time."

Are you listening to your call to fully embrace the human journey?  Do you need motivation to push yourself outside of your comfort zone?   

Start being comfortable with being uncomfortable and learn the following formula:  

Curiosity + Creativity = Transformation  

Not only is this a great philosophical conversation, but you’ll learn how Nathaniel Boyle quit his fast paced startup job, bought an around the world ticket, and started his journey on the island of Fiji, on his way to becoming a podcaster, freelancer, and entrepreneur.

Recommended Books:

Non-Fiction: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield - About the inner battle of resistance that creatives face.

Fiction: Henderson the Rainking - A great book about travel and exposing yourself to new ideas.


  • “[Travel] unlocked this sense of curiosity about the world that turned me into a learner, an adventurer, an explorer, and changed my personality." 
  • “We get so caught up in the compromising of the present in the interest of the future."  
  • “Trust your curiosity to guide you towards your next project, instead of being in pursuit of a passion" 
  • “Let go of your answers and pursue your curiosity" 
  • “Rethink the thing that is holding you back, because it is nothing compared to what you have yet to find" 
  • “You expose yourself to the world and in doing so you find this reflective experience." 
  • "The more you learn about the world, the more you learn about yourself. That’s the inward journey of travel. If you can express that discovery back outward again, thats when people begin to perceive you differently because of what you’re putting out there."
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