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Ultimate Guide to Portland

Jayson Goetz
January 16, 2024

Portland, Oregon is a place that makes sure it has character end expression in every corner of the city. 

No matter where you look, you will find personality, originality and diversity intertwined that will draw anyone from the outside in. While being a great place to jump right into, you are going to want to know what the hot spots are. 

There are so many interesting things to do that you might find yourself overwhelmed. Things such as gorgeous bike paths, interesting microbreweries, and hip coffee houses. 

That is why this guide is essential to you and your Portland, Oregon fulfillments. Let’s get you started down the path of enjoying Oregon's largest city.

Best Coffee Shops in Portland

This hipster’s paradise is hard to rival with when it comes to incredible coffee and coffee shops. They have somehow figured out the perfect blend. The only problem is that all of the coffee shops have their own “perfect blend”, and they all taste perfect. If you are a coffee fan, you will have to try out some of these places.

Heart Coffee Roasters is a cafe that serves up nothing but the best. The beans come from all over the world (South America, Africa, or Central America) and are handled immediately by experts. You can stick with the original black coffee, or you can go with an amazing house made coffee with different styles of milk.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is another coffee shop that will entice you to come in and have you too comfortable to leave. Come here if you want to experience some local roasts and amazing tastes.

Best Breweries in Portland

Sure, the coffee is amazing, but that is not the only drink that Portland, Oregon excels at. Now, it is time to take a look at the beer. 

You will find your imagination tampered with after you wonder how somebody could ever be so creative to come up with these styles of beers. Not to mention, the local breweries are fascinating as it is.

Hopworks Urban Brewery is an award winning microbrewery that will win your heart with consistency. Since 2002, Hopworks Urban Brewery has been USDA-certified organic. This means they take what they do very seriously, and it also means that they are extremely reliable.

10 Barrel Brewing Co. is one of those creative breweries that will blow you away. They have their own selection of house brewed beers that pair excellently with their hand picked, locally sourced ingredients. This also means that you can count on their food being crazy delicious. Give the menu a spin and don’t hold back!

Best Scenery Spots in Portland

Portland, Oregon has no shortage of gorgeous scenery. From pieces of art you stumble upon in the city, to gorgeous landscapes, Portland will spark your creativity on fire. There is just a shroud of industrial looks mixed with luscious greens that create a piece of memorabilia locked away in your mind that surfaces whenever you hear the word Portland. Here are some beautiful places to see for yourself.

The Grotto is your one stop place for serenity and self enlightenment. It does stand as a national Catholic shrine that is unbelievably gorgeous. Riddled within are gorgeous trees and colorful rhododendrons. 

The Grotto serves as a gateway to understanding, compassion, support, and hope. The heart of the shrine is the Lady’s Grotto, which is a rock cave carved into the base of a 100 foot cliff. A life size replica of Michelangelo's pieta is featured in the center. Definitely a botanical garden you cannot miss.

The next amazing sight to see is the Pittock Mansion. This is Portland’s finest historic house museum. Built in 1914, this magnificent mansion is the epitome of how Portland's modern, industrial, and creative look came to be. Surprisingly, it was almost demolished in 1964, but the dedicated citizens of Portland could not allow it. 

It was then purchased by the City of Portland and opened to the public as a historic house museum. If the citizens of Portland could stand tall for it, then it must be a sight to see. Often times you can find discount tickets.

Mount Hood also makes for a magnificent sight to see. Of course, it is visible virtually anywhere in Portland, Oregon, but taking the time to drive out to it and see what it is all about is a different experience. It really is massive and inspirational to see, but there are also activities you can do there. From skiing, to mountain biking or swimming, all you have to do is let your adventurous side out.

Hopefully this guide gives you an idea of what Oregon is all about. It all sums up to the hipster vibe that the city gives off. You have dedicated and creative coffee makers, wildy experienced breweries, and next level, gorgeous views. 

Just know - there is so much more to experience here. All you have to do is ask around and you might find a spot that only the locals know about. This is when you can really become a part of the crowd and enjoy yourself. 

Good luck on your adventure!

Jayson Goetz
Jayson is a writer from Phoenix, Arizona that is passionate about traveling on a budget. Being a broke writer, Jayson soon learned that if he wants to travel he needs to find the best deals. He loves sharing his experiences and tips in hopes of helping people travel the world.


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