Amplifying Black Voices: Our Growing List of Travel Resources

Matt Wilson
January 16, 2024

We Must Do Better

U30X does not, nor will we ever, stand for racism and oppression.

During this time, we feel it's our duty, as a company with an audience, to share resources for what we can do to make our world a better place.

Voices to Follow

@blklivesmatter @colorofchange @naacp @showingupforracialjustice @civilrightsorg @reclaimtheblock @aclu_nationwide @travelnoire

Books to Read

Conversations in Black: On Politics, Power and Leadership

How to be an Antiracist

White Fragility: Why It's so Hard for White People to Talk About Racism

This Book is Anti-Racist: 20 Lessons on How to Wake Up, Take Action, and Do the Work

Questions to Ask Ourselves

  • What can you do to support Black lives in your community?
  • How do you plan on helping the fight to end racial discrimination and systemic oppression?
  • What are your local politicians' policies on ending police brutality?
  • What do you want to learn more about?

Visit Justice in June for an extensive list of resources and actions that can be taken.

(Posted originally 6/12/2020)


Please note that as our team continues to ask ourselves the above questions, dive into the resources, and fully educate ourselves on how we can take appropriate actions to do our part to end systemic racism, we will continue to keep our community updated.

As a company that goes to great lengths to spread cultural awareness as part of our products, we feel strongly that we can work towards a more globally accepting world.

At Under30Experiences, we are fully committed to making sure diversity & inclusion are not just buzz words, but a core business initiative, where we can take an industry leading stance, and back it up with action.


Update 6/15/2020

Hey everyone, I just wanted to update you all on our efforts to make U30X a more diverse & inclusive community.  As CEO of Under30Experiences, I'm going to be posting periodic updates to keep everyone informed, as there will certainly be opportunities for you to get involved.  

Here are two quick ways that you may be able to help this week:

1) I spoke with Andrea Kwamya an alumnus who is a Diversity & Comms Specialist of Ghanaian and Ugandan descent. She put together a really nice presentation for Under30Experiences.  Andrea had lots of great feedback for us, and urged us to conduct a diversity survey among our community... coming soon!

How you can help: Andrea does career coaching, and corporate consulting, so if you know anyone who might need her services, please reach out to her and check out her website!

Supporting Black-owned businesses, especially those that help educate people about diversity is a huge way we can all make a contribution.  

2) Rob Collier, an alumnus and now a close friend of mine is championing the #blackbusinessmatters campaign.  The purpose of the group is to spend more of our dollars with reputable Black businesses.  

How you can help: If you'd like to join their Facebook Group and get involved please visit:  The group is open to both Black business owners AND people who'd like to buy from Black businesses.

Two additional resources: 

BAME Women in Travel CIC's webinar on Racial Diversity in the Travel Industry

The Black Travel Alliance

Thank you all for doing your part... together I'm confident that we can come up with long term solutions to systemic racism!  

Stay tuned for more updates, especially those specifically related to the travel industry.


Update 6/16/2020

Two free webinars you can join: 

June 24: Tips to Being a Better Ally to Black People When Traveling
July 14: How to Create Inclusive Travel Content


Update 6/17/2020

Two podcasts from our friend Jeff Greenwald at Ethical Traveler.

The first is a discussion about "decolonizing travel" with Faith Adiele, founder of VONA (Voices of Our Nation’s Arts) Travel: the nation’s first workshop for travel writers of color. Her work includes Meeting Faith, her memoir about becoming Thailand’s first Black Buddhist nun; the PBS documentary My Journey Home; and Coming of Age Around the World: A Multicultural Anthology.

The second is a dialogue with Mary Ann Thomas and Christina Brobby, two adventurers of color who offer stories about their experiences as travelers and travel writers through the lens of gender, race, and sexual orientation.


Update 6/19/2020

Happy Juneteenth! Please see our new blog post on Under30Experiences's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Update 6/30/2020

Check out Travel and Leisure's 8 Amazing Black-owned Travel Companies to Know and Support

Internally, in addition to the many discussions we've been having since adding diversity as a standing topic to our weekly meetings, tomorrow we'll be hosting our first diversity training for our leadership team.

Update 7/9/2020

Traveling as a Black Guy: Treats, Trials, & Tribulations

Minority Travel: What is the Difference

Update 7/15/2020

Conde Nast: Travel Writing Needs More Jounrnalists of Color

Update 8/3/2020

Take the Travel Unity Pledge


Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson is Co-founder of Under30Experiences and Author of The Millennial Travel Guidebook: Escape More, Spend Less, & Make Travel a Priority in Your Life. He is host of the Live Different Podcast, Millennial Travel Podcast, and formerly Co-founder of He is committed to helping people live more adventurous lives.


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