Be Well and Travel the World: April Alumni Roundup

Jennifer DeSimone
January 16, 2024

For many of us, health, wellness, and travel are what drives and excites us.

This month, I spoke to five alum who are using wellness and travel to not only create passion filled careers, but to inspire others to live their strongest and best versions of themselves.

No matter where you are on in your own personal health & wellness journey, these five alum are sure to inspire and spark motivation.

Lindsey Dukes

Lindsey getting pumped up to train a client in Austin

Trips: Bali, Iceland, and am SO STOKED to be a part of the very first Machu Picchu backpacking trip this May!

Current Location: Austin, TX

Her story: "Hey guys! I am SUPER excited to announce that I just launched my new fitness company, Lumin Fitness, LLC, based in Austin, TX. I offer local personal training, as well as virtual coaching services (programming, training and accountability). I am even MORE excited to announce that I've partnered with the amazing U30X fam to offer customized fitness retreats, the first of which is taking place December 7th-11th in Costa Rica! Helping you make the changes you want to make in your life BEYOND just the physical - that is what Lumin Fitness is all about. Move the body, and the mind will follow.What are you most passionate about? What makes your mind light up? Let's spark that shi*."

Connect: Fitness: @luminfitness Personal:@dukeslindsey Travel: @Lindseydukes_adventures 

Ryan Hansen

Photo credit:@davidmullis

Trip: Costa Rica Starter 

His Story: "I am the owner and head coach at Prymal. Most hire me to look better naked, but, in actuality, I teach clients valuable lessons about willpower, hard work, discipline, and patience that transcend the gym into everyday life. The lessons you learn about yourself during the process of change is what makes fitness so powerful and why I love what I do so much. Exercise makes you a different, better person. And in today's ultra-sedentary world, it truly isn't optional. We sometimes forget we only get one body because we're used to seeing so many neglect and disrespect it. Health is the singular most important thing in life and so I strive to teach clients a sustainable, more fulfilling approach to their health and fitness goals that they can continue forever, instead of temporary fix focusing on flat abs, vanity, and shortcuts."

Connect: @prymalcoach

Ellen Jaworski

Ellen enjoying a day of hiking

Trip: Rainforest Costa Rica

Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

Her story: "I’m on a mission to make healthy living for busy people easy, so I’ve recently launched the Triple Peak Paleo blog! On this blog you’ll find nutrition tips, simple paleo recipes, fun workouts, mindset strategies, and healthy travel hacks - all presented step-by-step so you can easily build these habits in to your busy life. I believe living healthy not only supports, but enhances a busy lifestyle so that you can go carpe even more of that diem! While blogging, I’m also working on my health coaching certification to bring readers even more info and support, as well as one-on-one health coaching (coming this summer)!"

Connect: @triplepeakpaleo

Jody Gansel

Before and after photos of Jody on Whole30

Trips: Rainforest Costa Rica, Iceland, signed up for Inca Trail in July

Current Location: Atlanta, GA

Her story: "I started Your Life As A Whole after about a year of clean eating through Whole30. I started my journey with Whole30 to reduce some medical problems I was having (migraines), and ended up finding a new healthy way of life. After 5 official rounds of Whole30, and eating 90% Paleo/Whole30 the rest of the time, I have found food freedom and a sustainable way to stay healthy long term. I'm healthier, stronger, and fitter than I've ever been and am honored to be able to inspire others to be the healthiest and strongest version of themselves as possible."

Connect: @yourlifeasawhole

Donny Gallegos

Donny on his travels in Iceland

Trip: Fitness Costa Rica & Iceland

Current location: Newport Beach, California

His Story: "My Journey started at an early age with a big influence from both of my parents. I became addicted to it when I was playing sports in high school and college when I found ways for training to translate better performance on the field. Then, I took it to the next level when I made the change from the corporate world to coaching full time. Now, I get to work with people on a daily basis helping them move and feel better. I get to take people to amazing parts of the world and enjoy them in ways that fitness enthusiasts truly enjoy. And next, I hope to get training and training programs, to up and coming athletes, teams, and even gym owners to help spread the gospel of fitness."

Connect: Fitness & Coaching: @coach.donny Fun: @donald_oh_

PS: Are you a gym owner, trainer, food blogger, yogi instructor and interested in taking your "people" on an adventure with us? Contact me to learn more!

No matter where you are - or where you want to go - on your wellness journey, these alums are available to support, encourage, and help you get to that next level.


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Jennifer DeSimone
Currently based in Austin, Jennifer is the Chief of Community for U30X. She has a passion for creating connections, community, and opportunities for more empathy. In her spare time you can find her on her yoga mat, whipping up something yummy in the kitchen, or reading a good book.


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