Yoga in Bali, the Enchanted Island of the Gods

Luz Garcia
January 16, 2024

Enchanted Island of the Gods

Three years ago I visited the magical island of Bali for the first time. Since then, I've been going back every year.

My love and respect for this place is infinite. If I could move there tomorrow, I would!

I originally went to find some peace and clarity and Mother Bali, as the locals call it, gave me far more than that...I had my own Eat, Pray, Love story.

Warm and loving, this place captivated me as soon as I got off the plane.


The smell of soft incense was in the air. There were beautiful and colorful offerings to the gods, and smiley people everywhere. Coming from New York, this place was heaven!

Bali is a healing place and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about when you set foot on her.

For centuries, people have been coming from all over to pray and ask the healing energy of Mother Bali to help them bring peace, health, and happiness to their life.

Let me tell you, experience has made me a skeptic. As a yoga teacher, I've seen lots of charlatans out there, so I wasn't buying any of these stories...until Bali cast it’s magical spell on me.

If you are a spiritual person, your faith will become stronger. If you think anything spiritual or woo-woo is bullshit, there's a good chance you'll come here and find deeper meaning.

After my first trip to Bali, I traveled back with Under30Experiences, and then went again on a seven-day detox/mindfulness retreat. I knew in my heart that I needed to bring people here and provide the tools for them to achieve that massive expansion and happiness I felt for the first time in my life.

I took the leap of faith and moved from New York to Costa Rica to fulfill my dharma (or mission). The Universe provided everything I needed and more. Now here I am, doing what my soul was asking for so many years - I was just too scared to listen.


Yoga in Bali

On this trip, you'll experience the mystical side of Bali, as well as fun, enriching, cultural experiences.

We'll practice yoga twice a day (all levels are welcome), embark on plenty of adventures, and end our days with candlelight meditation for extra relaxation.

This trip is also about experiencing the magical Balinese culture.

You’ll have the opportunity to walk through beautiful rice paddies, explore local villages, and submerge yourself in this captivating setting.

We'll visit the Sacred Monkey Forest (selfie with a monkey? Check!), and go to the famous Pura Tirta Empul Water Temple for a cleansing ceremony.


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Luz Garcia
Luz is a 1500hrs Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Instructor, dancer, reflexologist and colon hydrotherapist. She was born and raised in Chile and studied yoga in NYC for 10 years. She's a green juice addict and you'll always find an avocado in her bag.


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