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How to Win Business and Influence People with Tim Sanders

Matt Wilson
January 16, 2024

Our Guest

Tim Sanders is a New York Times best selling author, former Yahoo! executive, and Sales & Leadership Keynote Speaker.

Formerly the Yahoo! Chief Solutions Officer, Tim has worked with industry leaders, governments and trade associations around the world. His expertise covers sales processes, new media, leadership development, and talent management.

His core philosophy is simple: "Share your knowledge, network and compassion to multiply the value of everyone you interact with."

The Episode

“Learning power is earning power.” This is one of the many quotable moments from my conversation with Tim.

In this episode, Tim deconstructs the secret to sales success, even if you're one of those people who isn't interested in sales.

Tim's latest book Dealstorming, “Translates years of experience coaching sales teams into a creativity technique”

During the episode, Tim also advises millennials against chasing “shiny new object syndrome” and gives tips for everyone to stay focused. One of his most important tips is staying aware of the information our mind consumes in the same way we watch the food our body consumes.

We delve into how to solve the root cause of our problems, not the symptoms. He also discusses how we can become disciplined towards pursuing the right type of of curiosity.

Topics Covered

  • The first principle of Lifestyle Design for Confident Thinking
  • Learn to focus on the things you can control
  • How to periodically question your fundamental truths
  • How to undo the way you think to avoid errors and rethink what you’re capable of doing
  • The biggest areas for improvement in young leaders
  • How to become disciplined towards chasing the right type of curiosity
  • Ask yourself “what’s in it for me” to protect your time and attention
  • How to solve the root cause of your problems, not the symptoms
  • The "5 Why’s" technique for quality management
  • The secret to sales success
  • Why sprinting is essential in today’s business world
  • How to become an essential ingredient in other people’s lives


“Be just as judicious about what you put into your mind, as what you put into your body”
“Positive thinking is the result of very conscious lifestyle design”
“Success is not a destination, it’s a direction, and the direction is forward”
“You have to doubt the things you hold the dearest”
“Quality is simply freedom from defect and variance”
“All things that work are temporary”
“Your most precious asset is your attention”
“Learning power is earning power”
“Culture is a conversation lead by leaders and punctuated by stories”
“Don’t settle for being a good option”


Dealstorming: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges

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Edited By: Eric Aguirre

Matt Wilson
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