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Sustainable & Ethical Travel

How to be a responsible traveler – & why it's important


-Teaching awareness
-Connection to local communities
-Keeping the money local
-Reducing waste
-Like-minded companies

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For the Earth

It's no secret that today’s environmental issues are more important now than ever before.

With concerns about plastics in the oceans, animal conservation, and preserving natural environments, U30X wants to be an industry leader on sustainable and regenerative tourism.

From vetting our vendors to ensure they are committed to the highest ethical & environmental standards, to teaching travelers about 'Leave-No-Trace Hiking,' U30X is constantly seeking to practice sustainable tourism while partnering with locals to preserve their own cultures, environments, and eco-systems.

For Local Communities

We are proud to partner with local communities in almost every country we visit to support conserving their culture & natural habitats.

We support local communities through cooking experiences in Costa Rica, work alongside local students committed to turtle conservation in Galapagos, experience the effects of Climate change hiking a glacier in Iceland, educate travelers on elephant conservation in  Thailand, support local weaving communities in the Andes Mountains of Peru, learn about cultural preservation in Palenque, Colombia, and discuss 'Leave-No-Trace Hiking' in Ireland and Scotland.

And, we're just getting started...


U30X strives to create authentic experiences for travelers (not tourists) to bring more awareness to these issues and curate mindful conversations around these topics.

We can't do it alone. If we want to make the world a better place, we have to do it together. Our travelers are at the heart of everything we do and we want to YOU to be part of this impact.

After a trip, you may feel inspired to make changes in your local city, or in the world.

In the coming months, we will be supporting more initiatives at in the US so the lesson lessons we learn while traveling will span across where we live, work, and adventure.


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